Garage Door Installation Expectations

We’re here to ensure you that your new garage door gets the best treatment, thanks to these Wayne Dalton approved tips!
Wayne Dalton provides many garage door models, colors, styles, windows, and other requirements for your one-of-a-kind garage door needs. However, narrowing down the right door for a homeowner is a very daunting and tricky task – frequently challenging! However, after countless hours researching and admiring various designs using our latest Garage Door Design Center, nothing becomes more satisfying than settling on a finalized garage door choice! Now that you’ve found the right door of your choosing, now it’s the perfect time to get ready for your garage door installation! Here are the steps of your Installation Expectations:

The Pre-installation Check:

Your dealer would have to evaluate the site once you’ve finished finalizing a purchase. This will help them understand the garage area better and ensure the homeowner receives the best installation possible. Once the garage inspection has concluded, the garage dealer will issue an installation date based on what works on the time and schedule. As such, we have three need-to-know tips on what to expect once your garage door installation date is closing in!

Once there is a set date on your garage door, you need to clean around the area of your garage door. There is no need to clean the entire garage, but it’s always best to make room for your garage door installers once they arrive. Remove anything you feel may get in the way, such as your tools, equipment, storage boxes, and other personal belongings. That way, the installation site is clear of debris and much easier to work on within a flat surface.

Installer Arrival

Once your garage door installer arrives, it is always important to ensure that your installer has good electrical access from a direct power source and not just electrical cords. Electrical cords alone can end up being safety hazards otherwise.
Be present. Always be present during an installation date. You need to be present during the installation process to be aware of your garage door preparations and to potentially ask questions on how or what to expect once your garage door has been completely installed. So that being said, make sure that you mark the date on your calendar clear your schedule if you have to be present and ready!

Final Installation Expectations – Before your installer leaves!

Once the installation is finished, make sure that the remote to the garage door is properly programmed, the garage door itself operates smoothly, and that you have the user manual just in case. In addition, it’s always good to ask your technician while they are still onsite with various questions about anything in regards to the new door being built in. It’s always good to take advantage while you still can. Afterward, congrats! You’re now fully able to enjoy your beautifully designed and newly installed Wayne Dalton garage door! If you need more help, contact us at Straight Up Garage Doors.

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