Questions To Ask Garage Door Installers

It’s important to choose garage door installers that will provide quality service for years after your initial purchase. Here is a list of 8 questions you should ask any company before hiring them:

Is the company able to provide products from more than one manufacturer?

There are many companies that manufacture garage doors, so when you’re choosing what type of door works best for your needs it’s important to have a variety of options. Some examples of manufacturers are: Clopay, CHI, Wayne Dalton and Amarr. If you only offer one brand from a certain manufacturer or its affiliates to your clients—ask why that is so. There could be an unethical kickback going on if the supplier is using this method to get commissions off of sales with no added value for customers/clients.

Did the company recommend that you visit its and/or the manufacturer’s website?

It is important to research the company that will install your door and the manufacturer of that door, so you can be sure you are receiving accurate information. The garage door could be poorly manufactured, or its installation may have been performed incorrectly by the company providing it. Always make sure that you verify with manufacturers what their intentions are for any given product before allowing anyone to install one in your home.

Did they explain to you what R-values are and how they affect your home?

R-Value—a measure of a material’s ability to resist heat flow—is one of the numbers used to describe how energy efficient a door is. Most manufacturers will display the sectional R-Value and not the installed value, which are completely different. Sectional is for one piece of door while Installed accounts for all sections combined. Another misconception is that a double R-Value does not mean the insulation will be twice as effective.

Is the company in compliance with all regulations?

The company and its employees must meet all applicable state, federal, and local regulations in their work. This includes building codes, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards—and more. A company that doesn’t comply with all regulations may be using unsafe practices, which could lead to injury for its workers (or you) if the door is installed incorrectly. The problem might not surface for a few years, but it could eventually affect you.

What kind of workers do you have in your home?

It is important to discover how well-trained your employees are, and whether those workers are full-time or subcontracted. How have they been trained? Are they experienced in the field? Do they have on-site training records to prove it? Do your research and find doors installers who have experience installing the door in your area. They will be able to give you advice on what works best for that environment.

Do garage door installers take their jobs seriously and are you in good hands when dealing with them?

Garage door safety is important for you, your family and anyone going inside your garage. These are large pieces of metal or wood that weigh quite a bit—so it’s imperative that only dedicated installers be allowed to do this work. An improperly installed garage door can come loose and fall on your car, or worse—someone else’s. Make sure you get a company with experienced installers who use safe methods when they work.

What type of mounting hardware will Garage Door Installers be using?

Properly installed garage door hardware will ensure a safe, smooth, and quiet operation. When companies ignore quality to save money or offer lower prices, they create problems that cost more than the savings are worth. As a general rule, you get what you pay for in this industry. If your door is mounted with cheap or poor-quality hardware—for example, hinges that don’t close smoothly and securely—it can create safety concerns and limit functionality in the long run.

Were there any guarantees or warranties included with your purchase?

When a company provides written guarantees and warranties on labor and parts, it builds customer confidence. Make sure you retain copies of any estimates or work orders containing these promises. When a company doesn’t back up its work with any sort of warranty, how are you supposed to trust them with their work?

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