Garage Door Repair Risks

Garage doors have become an essential part of the home, protecting families’ cars as well as their homes from intruders. We use them daily, but few people give much thought to how well they function or need regular inspection and maintenance. Understand the repair risks today, to ensure your security.

To begin, having formal training in the field of garage doors isn’t necessary to recognize when a door needs repair. However, clients’ testimonials tell us most homeowners realize something was amiss with their door only after the fact—when it’s too late to avoid emergency repair needs. You can avoid costly emergency repairs by recognizing these indicators and acting accordingly.

Repair Risks: Garage Door Isn’t Opening!

Firstly, the most common way to know there’s a problem with your door is… You’re your door isn’t quite working. If your garage door fails to open or close via the control panel, it is probably due to several factors. These may include bad wiring between the control panel and the door’s motor or a malfunction in the door itself. 

Before calling your local repair specialist, first, ensure that nothing is obstructing the door from closing all the way. If there is no hindrance, try using the remote controls to see if there is any response from them at all. If none of the above works, it might be time to call.

Door Is Slow and Noisy – That’s Bad

One of the most common problems with garage doors is occasional slow operation. When you press the remote, your door should open or close instantly; if there is any delay, it may indicate a problem with the door itself or the opener. In addition, old garage doors are often noisy when being operated. Still, if the creaking or straining is excessive, there may be a problem with your spring, your opener’s backer board, or the opener itself. This is another cause for you to call a professional like our Straight Up Garage Doors experts.

Door Jumped The Tracks, Help!

There may be instances when the tracks fail to catch your rollers properly. This can occur when a door is damaged or worn. A garage door installation and repair professional can inspect the problem and make any necessary repairs to restore proper functioning of the door in quick manner. Don’t worry; we have it covered.

Final Conclusions to Repair Repair Risks and Helpful Service

Garage doors are expensive, so we recommend scheduling regular maintenance at least once a year to avoid common problems. However, if your garage has unfortunately become a problem, we can help.

A malfunctioning garage door may compromise the safety of your family and home. If you wish to ensure peace of mind and maintain your garage door, call Straight Up Garage Doors. As a locally owned and operated business, we provide maintenance support to help you avoid costly repairs in the future. We can ensure your garage door is in tip-top shape and working as smoothly as possible. Our team specializes in all aspects of garage door service, including repairs and installations.

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