Your garage door is such a big part of the front of your house, which makes it a potentially huge target for thieves. If it is not properly secured, thieves can use your garage door as a means of gaining entry into your home. So what can you do to make sure that your garage door security is up to par?

Car Opener

Most people keep their garage door opener on their car visor. However, this poses a huge security threat, as thieves often break into cars to get to these remote controls. If you must park your vehicle in the driveway, then we suggest hiding your garage door remote somewhere in the vehicle where it will be less tempting to a would-be thief. Another reason to hide the remote control is if you park in a public facility or lot. Thieves can also steal your remote from these public locations and find your address through an insurance slip or vehicle registration elsewhere in the car. Thieves are looking for vehicles that they can get in and out of quickly, so if you keep these items out of sight, you are less likely to be a target in this scenario.

Door Codes

In the same way that you change your online account passwords on a regular basis, you should also consider changing the codes to your garage door to keep your home safe and secure. A quick change every 6 months to a year will go a long way to keeping your garage door protected.


Whenever possible, you should install motion-activated flood lights over your garage door. These lights are a great deterrent for thieves who do not wish to have a spotlight shone on them in the midst of their misdeeds.


Another option is to install a lock that operates independently of your garage door remote. This type of lock requires you to exit your vehicle in order to unlock it before the door can be opened. You do not necessarily have to use this all the time, but if you are going to be away from your home for an extended period of time, this type of lock could be beneficial.


As we have discussed before, it is a good idea to have your door inspected at least once a year to ensure that it is operating properly and safely. You should also be checking it periodically for cracks or breaks. Any vulnerable points in or around the door can be exploited to gain entry to your home. If you notice any cracking or damaged weather stripping, you should have your door inspected and repaired by a professional right away. Not only can this prevent the damage from getting worse, it can also keep potential criminals out of your home.

Close Your Garage Door

Lastly, and this one should go without saying, but you should keep your garage door closed. If you are leaving your garage door open, your home already has a huge gap in security. If you find yourself regularly driving away and not remembering whether or not you closed the garage door, you might consider a wi-fi enabled smart garage door opener. These openers are easily installed and integrated into your current garage door lift motor. Once installed, you can use your phone to see if your garage door is open or closed. You can even operate the garage door with a simple push of a button on your smartphone.