Theft is a terrible thing to experience, no matter where it is. Garage theft is particularly frightening because it feels as though the sanctuary of your home has been threatened or compromised. 

Read on to learn our suggestions on how you can best prevent garage theft in your household.

Always Close Everything & Lock Up

This may seem like the most obvious suggestion, but it is surprising how many people leave their garage doors open all the time. If you are in your garage for an extended period, that is fine, but once you go back inside, shut the door. When your garage door is open a thief only needs moments to walk up, grab something, and walk away.

For additional safety, lock the door from you garage that accesses your house. This is an extra barrier that acts as a “just in case” factor. If somebody manages to pry your garage door open, then they cannot gain access to your home.

Don’t Give Out The Code

If your garage door can be opened with a code, make sure to keep that information to a limited circle of people. Work particularly with children on how to shield their hand while they type the code and not to share that information. 

Take Your Garage Door Opener With You

To prevent garage door remote theft, carry the remote with you. Especially when you are home, carry it into your house with you. This is another “just in case” precaution. If somebody gains access to your vehicle, they can’t gain further access to your garage or your house.

If you are not able to take the remote with you, hide it somewhere in your car that is not openly visible or expected. For example, instead of reaching for the glove compartment, tuck it up under a seat

Use Motion-Sensing Lights

 Motion-sensing lights are a fairly common security measure in modern suburbia. However, placing these lights over your garage is an especially effective theft-deterrent. These lights expose potential thieves, which tends to frighten them off. It also alerts you and your family when an unexpected guest is approaching.

Know Your Neighborhood

This is especially important if you are new to a neighborhood! Introduce yourself to your neighbors, and make sure you get to know people who may be around often. This gives you peace of mind in more ways than one. First and foremost, you will know who is supposed to be around your house, versus who is a stranger in the neighborhood. As an added bonus, your neighbors who are at home while you are at work or on vacation will know who should be at your house.

Install An Excellent Garage Door

Despite all these suggestions, thieves still persist – so what can homeowners do? The best line of defense, far and away, is an excellent quality garage door. Contact your local garage door installation team about what options are best for you.