Wood garage doors have been staple statement pieces for decades. These doors bring beauty, elegance and curb appeal. Today, homeowners are taking customized wood garage doors to a whole new level. In this article, we’re looking at garage door styles and production practices.

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Contemporary And Modern

For most people, contemporary and modern styles exist on the style level. Each have tight angles, simple color scheme, and some sort of minimalistic ornamentation. Experts often couple these styles with glass pane cutouts with frosted glass. They are beautifully simple and typically carry the same design concept as the front door.

Wood garage doors made in the contemporary or modern style are usually hand-made. Carpenters make panels from specifically selected woods. For one process, the maker joins the wood pieces with such precision that the door looks like one solid wall when closed. Garage door experts must order  custom glass to fit any cutout accents. Then, they stain the wood to the desired color and seal it for protection from the elements.

Traditional Elegance

More traditional homes may seek a heavily designed door. Wood garage doors with traditional tastes look for the raised panel designs or ornamental carvings. From a bevel around each panel to hand carved designs, traditional wood doors truly are a customized work of art. Unfortunately, despite the beauty, few people may get close enough to truly appreciate the painstaking precision and work that went into making such a door.

Some processes for making these wood garage doors include hand carving panel designs. Some homeowners have requested flowers or symbols of personal wealth. Others have produced a design of their own. Either way, the work is labor intensive. Traditional doors usually have a seemingly heavy presence to them. Colors schemes range from dark browns to cherry reds. To support the weight of the wood, special openers are often installed with door.

Farmhouse Chic

Perhaps farmhouse chic is blanket term. However, these door designs fit perfectly within that category. When people think of the farmhouse style, they think of those large stable-esque, barn style doors. Often, these doors are accented with large rustic hinges and fittings. Country styled homes often look for these specific styles to compliment a barn structure or horse stable. True fashion statements are made when the garage door looks like a grand entrance for a horse drawn carriage.

Farmhouse chic style doors follow typical patterns. These wood garage doors can be either handmade or produced by a facility. Obviously, to obtain that truly rustic feel real aged barn wood should be used. But, if the wood is going to be painted there is no need for this specific wood. Color schemes for the farmhouse style varies from aged whites to forest greens. The beauty of this style is that it has a simplistic, timeless elegance. Homeowners can pull together multiple property structures into one cohesive unit just by changing the look of their garage door.

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