If you’re in the market for a new garage door then take a moment to consider the beauty and classic style of the carriage garage doors. This door style was around before cars were invented, this was during a time where horses and carriages were the main forms of transportation. The carriages would be stored away in a barn with large doors that would swing out wide enough for the carriage to be safely maneuvered inside. This is where the term carriage door came from.

With modern times, when it comes to their homes, some individuals still find a love for the classic and traditional look. Carriage doors provide a sophisticated elegance that homeowners strive for. In this article, we are going to review carriage garage door styles.

What determines the carriage door style?

Back in the day, garage doors were crafted from wood and iron hinges among other hardware. While back then the doors swung outwards, in today’s day this would be a bit cumbersome. Carriage style garage doors today are set apart by their design. WIth intricate woodworking designs such as criss-cross planking, decorative window inserts, and large handles, these stylish garage doors remain ever popular.


Remastered Carriage Style Garage Doors

Since we don’t need the wide swinging doors any longer for carriages, the garage doors of today have been remastered to better suit our modern needs while still maintaining the classic and historic feel. The beauty of these garage doors allows them to complement modern and traditional homes very well, making this garage door style, a favorite.

These days the carriage style garage doors have upgraded their efficiency by being remastered to open up just like a regular garage door while continuing to maintain its elegant appearance.


How To Choose The Right Carriage Style Garage Door

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your garage door, you’re going to want to review your options. Your chosen garage door is going to need to provide your home with both the classic look and feel of the carriage style garage door, but the functionality and energy efficiency of a modern garage door.

When in the market for a new carriage style garage door your best bet is to review the materials used, as each has its pros and cons that may assist you in finalizing your decision.

In the Florida heat, you’re going to want a garage door that can withstand the heat and weather the storms. When looking at wood doors, keep in mind that these may require additional maintenance as they have the potential to warp and rot.

Aluminum garage doors don’t handle the heat as well as we would like to see, as they create a thermal bride that transfers the heat from the outside, right into your garage, which can increase energy usage for your home.

The steel variety of carriage style garage doors are most likely your best option. These doors are not susceptible to rot or warping and are exceptionally energy efficient.

You’ll love our C.H.I carriage style garage doors that have been stamped from solid steel and embossed with a wood grain finish for the traditional style we love.

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