If you’re anything like most homeowners, chances are you’re pretty handy around the house. A garage seems like a straightforward part of the home – It’s just an empty box with a door for you to put your car in and take your vehicle out of, right? Well, no! There’s a lot more to it than that, and this is especially true when it comes to a garage with an automatic door opener system. It is also true for when a garage that needs a door opener system. Repairs complicate this fact even further as there are various ways a garage door can be damaged. If you’re still not convinced, here are three reasons you should get a garage door pro.

1) Safety

Don’t let the ease of use fool you. While it only takes an average of fifteen pounds of force to open a properly maintained garage door, the actual moving structure can weigh anywhere from 79 pounds to a whopping 242 pounds depending on considerations like the material of the door, the size of it, the age, the interior structure, insulation… Even things like what the hinge composition materials adds to the weight. With all that hanging over your head, accidents can be hazardous. The spring of your door opening system is also under extreme tension, and it can be perilous to work around.

Not just to you – resurfacing a garage floor can be pricey, and damage to your vehicles is likely in the event of a collapse. Shattered windows, dented bodies, and broken mirrors are just some of the things that can happen. A garage door pro is ready to handle the weight requirements and knows the techniques for managing a garage door safely. They also train on how to use the right tools for the right job, keeping you and your family and your property safe during the installation or repair.

2) Save Time

If you’ve never done this sort of thing before, it can take you all summer. You’ll want to know for sure that your garage door is ready to go before the winter. As you might know, the longer a project drags on, the more costly it is – And the more likely it is for something to go wrong. Learning what kinds of parts and equipment you need can take you a while on its own, then learning how to use the tools creates another learning curve. As discussed earlier, the actual labor can be strenuous, and it puts your back at considerable risk of injury.

Injuries only compound the time issue, and when you take all of these factors together, you’ll see that a professional – Who likely has many garage doors to tend to and will get the job done in a timely fashion – Is the surefire solution to guarantee your garage is ready to go whenever you need it.

3) It’ll Save Money – Guaranteed

Ironically, this is probably one of the first reasons many people attempt their repairs. As mentioned, the risk of injury or mistakes can make costs skyrocket. As your project continues, it exposes your garage to the elements. This will drive up your cooling bill during the duration, which will hit you in the pocketbook. It will also likely expose your vehicles to the elements, and you know how expensive damage to one of those can be. Every single mistake adds to the total cost of the project.

One more thing that can catch people by surprise is that contractors tend to buy their materials in bulk – Saving on the cost of building supplies by a wide margin. They then pass these savings on to the customer, paying far more for just a single unit.

In Conclusion

There’s no reason not to seek professional help when it comes to your garage renovation needs! The benefits and convenience make the price of a pro worth it in spades. Whether you need repair, installation, or upgrading, call Straight Up Garage Doors today and let us help you start on your garage project this summer.

Published On: June 27th, 2021 / Categories: Articles /