Automatic garage doors are convenient and installed in many modern homes. However, automatic garage doors present just one more piece of garage door technology that can have problems. While many people may worry about a garage door not opening, it is actually more dangerous and frustrating if your garage door starts to open on its own. After all, how is it supposed to protect your home and vehicles if it opens on its own while you are not home? If your garage door has started to randomly open on its own, what could be the cause?

A Short in the System

Most commonly, if your garage just randomly opens without anyone asking it to, it has a short somewhere in the garage door system. As a short completes the circuit, in some instances, it can result in the opener thinking someone has given it the electronic signal to do its job. Unfortunately, a short can happen everywhere from the circuit board to the wall switch and any bit of wiring in between. This can make it difficult for a homeowner to track down and replace, meaning a professional will need to come out.

Electronic Interference

When you hit the button on your garage door remote, it is sending a radio frequency out that communicates with a sensor telling your garage door it is time to open. Unfortunately, many other items that use radio frequency can occasionally trigger it by emitting the same frequency as well. This includes things like CB radios, cell/TV/radio towers, and even wireless networks. The fix for this can range from everything to a trial and error hunt for what is causing the interfere to simply getting a new garage door remote that uses a difference frequency.

Power Surge Problems

Have you had a power surge recently? It can cause a garage door to open randomly by causing issues in the transmitter’s wiring. While sometimes resetting the garage door opener (as in turning it off and on again) can work, if a transmitter is damaged, it needs to be replaced not repaired.

Are you having issues with your garage door opening randomly or any other of the hundreds of issues your garage door can suffer from? Contact us today to see what we can do to help.