What is a Garage Door Opener’s Learn Button?

If you own a LiftMaster garage door opener, you may have seen the “learn” button on it. But what does it do? We’ll discuss that and when you may want to use those functions here in this article, so keep on reading!

First off is finding the button if you’ve never seen it before. Depending on the device that you have, the button may differ in color and shape. It may be red, yellow, green, purple, or orange, and it may be either circular or square, but no matter what color or shape, you can locate it the same way:

  • Find the antenna wire that you can find dangling from the head of the garage door opener’s motor
  • Remove the light cover if your opener has one so that you can view the control panel
  • Look underneath the light lens for either a circular or square button in red, orange, yellow, green, or purple

The purpose of this button is to assist in reprogramming remotes whether they’re old or new, and it also can erase the memory of your garage door opener remotes. 

When to Use for Reprogramming

LiftMaster’s “learn” button has a primary function to reprogram old and new remotes alike, which can keep your garage, your home, and your family safer. Whether you recently bought a new remote or if you lost one you had been using – or both – reprogramming your garage door will ensure that you maintain better home security. 

If you want a great tip for remembering to reprogram your garage door remote, our suggestion is that whenever you recalibrate your home security system or replace the batteries in a smoke detector, to reprogram your remote as well.

When to Use for Erasing Memory

The other function of the “learn” button on LiftMaster garage door openers is to erase the memory of garage door opening remotes. This, like reprogramming, is an essential part of your garage – and subsequently your home’s – security, and you may find yourself using it for a number of reasons throughout your ownership.

Many homeowners use this button to erase the memory of your garage door opener when they move into a new house that was previously owned to prevent them, or anyone that they may have given access to their garage, from being able to get in. 

Another use that gives you a better peace of mind about your home’s security is when you misplace your remote or someone has stolen it. You wouldn’t want a stranger to come across an old remote and be able to open your door and get into your home, right?

If you like, you can use this function in tandem with the reprogramming function on a regular basis to ensure the utmost security for your home. Whenever you want, you can erase the memory of your garage door opener just in case, then reprogram only the remotes that you have so you’ll always be absolutely sure no one else has access.

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