Washing Garage Doors

We get it; many of us neglect to maintain the exterior of the home and its visual components because when it comes to cleaning, those things aren’t typically very high on the to-do list. However, when it comes to the garage, cleaning it properly is essential if you want it to have a long life. In fact, your garage door can last up to 20 years with the proper care and maintenance.

When you take the time to clean your garage door, that investment you’ve made in it is being protected and you’re prolonging the life of something you may use several times a day. While it may initially seem like cleaning just helps the visual appearance, that’s not true – it can help prevent serious issues, and spending the time to do it can save you thousands of dollars to repair or replace it later.

By taking the time to clean your garage door in the spring and fall, you can help to maintain its warranty, prolong the finish on the door, keep your house looking great from the outside and increase its curb appeal, prevent rust, and make it easier for you or a professional to inspect it for damage.

What You’ll Need

So, before we get started on the process itself, let’s run through a list of supplies you’ll need to actually be able to clean your garage door. 

The first is some kind of cleaning solution. Any kind of mild detergent like dish soap or even car wash soap will be the best choice, and the availability of solutions like these make it one of the most affordable home-improvement tasks. If you like, you can also use nontoxic, biodegradable cleaners or a detergent that has less than 0.5% phosphate in it. Grab a bucket with two gallons of water, and add about a cup of your chosen solution to it – just never add bleach to your solution, and only use it as a spot-cleaner for tough stains.

The second thing you’ll need is something to clean and dry the door with. Though abrasive sponges and brushes seem like they would do the trick, avoid using these as they can damage the surface. Instead, opt for non-abrasive sponges or cleaning cloths. Don’t use rags or towels that have been used already and may have dirt or sand on them. A great tip is that if you wouldn’t use it on your car, don’t use it on your garage door.

The last thing you’ll need is a step ladder so you can reach the top and inspect every inch of your door.

Washing Garage Doors

Now it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty – actually cleaning the garage door. With the right equipment, cleaning is a breeze. Let’s get to work!

  • Start by wiping down the surface with a clean cloth to remove any surface dirt and grime, and rub gently to avoid scratching if there’s hidden chunks or rough fibers on the door.
  • Hose down the door, and if you have any remaining debris on the door you can use a nozzle, but don’t use a pressure washer.
  • Start scrubbing! Do your best to remove tough spots or caked-on dirt with a little elbow grease.
  • If you still have stains left, this is when you would want to start spot-cleaning with a mixture of bleach and water. 
  • Next is taking care of the details; the trim and weatherstripping. 
  • After that, be sure you take care of the interior just as well as you take care of the exterior.
  • Finally, after your cleaning solution has been rinsed off, wipe down both sides of the door with a soft and dry cloth to ensure its shininess. 

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