A majority of homeowners in Florida use their garages as storage areas. The basement is not an option here. While attics work occasionally, there is a serious risk of leaks or roof damage during a storm. Additionally, garages are more convenient to access than attics. However, there is a very real chance of that clutter taking over. This makes homeowners feel as though they’re losing control. Find out what some warning signs are that you’re losing control of your garage.

  1. Trying To Find Anything Is A Challenge

This is a common issue for many people, so don’t fret unless it gets too bad. Can’t find a specific screwdriver? Clear up the clutter, but it isn’t an emergency situation. However, if you are struggling to find a bicycle or ladder, your garage needs a major cleanout.

  1. The Garage Door Is Outdated Or In Disrepair

Regular maintenance is enough to keep a garage door up to date and functioning. However, there comes a point where a garage door has the potential to hurt someone. When this happens, spend the money to replace it. It is totally worth it.

  1. There Is No Room To Work

Many homeowners use garage as a workshop or mechanic shop. However, the loss of the ability to work indicates a build up of clutter. Again, there are varying degrees of issues. Some garages are only big enough to fit a car, not to work on them. However, if your work area is completely unusable, there are problems.

  1. The Garage Lacks Any Basic Amenities

Insulation is important to preserving any and everything in the garage. Additionally, lighting is important to preventing stubbed toes or more serious injuries. The amenities in the garage do not have to be top of the line. However, there should be at least the bare minimum in place.

  1. Safety Hazards Are Everywhere

If it is impossible to walk into your garage without tripping and falling, you have a significant problem. This also includes issues like exposed wires an other similar problems.

  1. A Complete Lack Of Storage

Storage is essential to keeping a garage functional. If a garage has absolutely no storage, there are almost certainly issues. We have written about garage storage options before. There are a wide variety of choices for wall, ceiling, and shelved storage.

  1. Inability To Park Inside

Approximately one quarter of Americans cannot park their car in their garage due to clutter and disorganization. Even more Americans can only fit one vehicle into a two or even three car garages. Even multi-vehicle garages are designed with space around the edges for storage. If that clutter has overflowed to a degree that no vehicles fit in the garage whatsoever, it is an indicator of a major issue.