So Valentine’s Day is upon us and we’re all stuck at home. Now I know you want the fancy dinner and roses, or chocolates and beard oil, but there are still ways to surprise your loved one without even getting out of the house. You can park your vehicles on the street or farther down your driveway and turn the unlikeliest spot into a romantic getaway. Your garage is a huge space of opportunity. It’s also a really good hideaway for all your surprises and gifts. Here we’ll discuss skipping the usual dinner date and getting extra points for being super creative and adding a personal touch.

Set The Mood

Whether you go big or not, a simple home cooked meal is always appreciated. Even if it’s a rose path leading from your home to your garage and charcuterie tray and a bottle of wine. Make it personalized and think about the little things that will make it work for your significant other. For example, does your significant other prefer carnations or roses? Beef or pork? Popcorn and chips or sweets? What does your significant other like? Put fairy lights up around the ceiling. Light tea light candles. There are so many things that can transform your garage from a dingy work place to a sweet, intimate space where you can just enjoy each other’s company.

An At-Home Drive-In

Now, romantic comedies are a must on Valentine’s day. So instead of cuddling on your couch and watching a movie like usual, why don’t you grab a sheet, your phone, and a shoe box. It will turn your garage into an at-home drive in. You can either sit in your car seats like normal or you can pop the trunk, fill it with pillows and blankets and have a snug little spot for you guys to lay down and cuddle. It is such a sweet, simple trick to be creative and have fun for Valentine’s day right at home! Want something different? Instead of a movie, create a slideshow presentation of your most memorable (and funniest) moments together. Piece together photos and videos and take a journey back to memory lane.  This will be one movie night you both will be eager to repeat in the near future.

Spa Night

Create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your garage by setting up scented candles, dimmed lighting, and a soothing playlist. You’ll be surprised how this simple setup can have a big difference to the ambiance of the room. If you have massage skills up your sleeve, then this is the time to show them off. Otherwise, book a massage therapist ahead of time. You can also pamper yourselves with DIY facial masks and foot wraps to fully enjoy the experience.

Create Something

If you want to create an active date night, an arts and craft project is a great choice. Creating something together is the perfect bonding experience. A glow-in-the-dark paint-off is an exciting art project that will go down in history as probably one of the crazier things you and your loved one have done together.

Clear out several walls in your garage and hang large white sheets or large pages of butcher paper. Be sure they’re taped or stapled down securely. Replace your garage lighting with a black light bulb. If you want to be truly adventurous, skip the lighting altogether and plan on a pitch-black garage. Find several large tubs of glow-in-the-dark paint from your craft store or online. Add some sponges or brushes and plan on a hilarious evening together. Come up with fun painting challenges and see who can create the wildest pictures. Regardless of your art skills, this project is sure to bring you both a smile.