Upgrading Your Garage Door

These days it seems like every house being built looks the same. Builders, who are in a hurry to get as many houses up in as short a period as possible, minimize differences to maximize savings by buying in bulk across all their various models. This is great for them, but it can mean that their neighborhood homes blend in with each other for the homeowners in any given neighborhood. If this is true of your neighborhood, you may be looking for ways to make your home stand out a little from the crowd. But, of course, a little extra curb appeal never hurt anyone, right? We recommend beginning with your garage door.

One way to make a big difference with minimal change is by upgrading your garage door. No, we do not mean spending big bucks to completely replace your garage door, though that is an option. Instead, there are some small, inexpensive things you can do to update the look of your garage and make your home a little more one-of-a-kind. For these needs, we recommend a garage door installation expert.

Install an Accent

This is not technically an upgrade to your door directly, but it does enhance the look of your garage. What you can do is install an accent feature around the garage or the entry of your home at about the lower third of the façade. Using brick or stone, this accent can make the front face of your home look and feel more expensive and more modern. In addition, you can choose from a variety of colors to accentuate either the home’s colors or perhaps to provide a serene backdrop for your front garden. Either way, an accent wall is a great touch.

Update Garage Door Hardware

Not all garage doors have them nowadays, but many doors have an exterior lock and handle to assist with lifting in a power outage. These are not generally the most attractive feature on a garage, but who says they have to stay that way? Matte black hardware is a popular choice right now, so if that look suits your taste, perhaps changing out the existing hardware or even a simple coat of spray paint can make them look new and fresh. Another option is to add hardware accents to the garage door. Many hardware stores carry kits that will allow you to install bard door style accent hardware to the garage door’s exterior. This provides a quaint, farmhouse-style look to the outside of your home.

Add Windows

If you are looking to make a big change and take advantage of some natural light, talk to your garage door installer about adding a panel of windows to your door. At a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire door, this custom change can make your garage door stand out and make the inside space more usable at the same time. Of course, if that is still too expensive, there are sticker kits that you can purchase to achieve the look of windows without all the labor and sticker shock of adding real windows.

Contact us at Straight Up Garage Doors today for a quote if you’d prefer to have one of our experts readjust your home; our professionals are more than happy to take over for you when it comes to garage door installation.

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