Your garage is the place you use for storage, a place you park your car, and a place you spend your time. So when you decide to secure your house, securing your garage should be part of that. Some garages have a door that leads directly into the house. Having extra protection for your family that protects your garage and your family is well worth it. Read on to learn four key tips to keep your garage safe.

Close the Door

The first step to keep your garage safe is to not make it vulnerable. By leaving the garage open, it leaves all of your personal belongings open for the world to see and it would be easy for someone to pop their head into your garage and poke around. It can be very easy to forget to close it, especially if you are working out there and went inside just to grab a drink. You might be going in and out casually and not think it’s a big deal. Modern technology allows a garage to be set on a timer. If it is open too long, it will automatically be closed. The security systems today often are compatible with your garage doors also. You can actively open and close your garage door when you’re not nearby.

Light Up the Dark

Burglars like to lurk in the dark. So keeping a light on the outside of your garage is a very good way to deter them from trying to break into your garage. Installing motion-activated lights is a very good way to protect your garage. Burglars will think twice about attempting a break-in. Detached garages are highly protected and rarely have shadows when motion sensing lights are present. Lights outside aren’t the only lights that keep your garage safe. Having good lighting inside your garage too is very important. A modern LED light display will provide better energy efficiency and more uniform lighting throughout your garage. Everything from driving in and out of your garage, finding a certain tool, or even working in the garage will be much easier when they lighting is good and uniform across the board.

Push and Probe

Some burglars can get into your garage by “fishing” for the emergency release cord and pulling it. Once that is pulled your garage will open with ease for them. They use a wedge to create a gap. Once that gap is created they shove a wire hook in and start “fishing” for the release cord. Not all garage doors have a release that can be pulled at an angle. Some mechanisms make it so you must pull it straight down. This can make it almost impossible for burglars. You can prevent this from happening with products like the garage shield. A garage shield is a device that covers your garage door’s emergency release cord making it impossible for a burglar to use it to break in. It increases your garage security while still keeping the release cord accessible in case of emergencies.

Take Your Opener Out of Your Car

Once you get home, you typically just head inside. You don’t think about grabbing your garage opener from your car, but that could be a very crucial thing. A new trend in home invasions has been to steal someone’s car in hopes to gain access to one’s home. You should never leave your garage opener in your car. Consider using a key chain remote and always lock the entry to your home- especially if it connected to your garage. It is a small inconvenience for the safety and security for your family.