When it comes to your garage door, especially if it is connected to your home, it will directly influence the overall visual style and curb appeal of your home. Which makes sense, given the garage door typically covers almost a third of the front of a home. If your garage door is looking a bit bland or worn, then repainting may be in your homes best interest! In this article, we are going to cover what you need for a repainting job!


How Much Paint Does A Garage Door Need?

The amount of paint required for your garage door will depend on three factors, the first being the size and style of your garage door, and the second being the type of material it is made of. Alongside getting good measurements, the material type will be the biggest factor in determining the amount of paint needed. A wooden garage door will take much more paint to cover than say an aluminum door.

If you’re going for more of a design appearance, such as a gradient effect from light to dark or even patterns on your door, then you can expect to need even more paint. The safest route is to buy a gallon at a time, which should provide you with plenty of paint and perhaps some leftover for touchups.


What Type Of Paint Should I Use?

The material of your garage door will help determine the type of paint needed. If you have a metal type door such as steel or aluminum, you’re going to want a high-quality exterior latex paint. Meanwhile, if the garage is wooden, then you’re going to need to sand down the door, then apply a primer before painting. The type of paint used on a wooden door is much more versatile, so long as it is geared towards outdoor usage, it will be fine.


What Do I Need To Do To Get Ready?

Like with any painting job, there are going to be some necessary steps to prepare the area. First, you’re going to want to ensure your garage door is clean and dust free. When it comes to efficiency, a pressure washer is the way to go, followed by air drying. From there you’re going to want to give your garage door a good scrubbing with a sand block to help smooth things out and remove any debris or grime the power washing failed to get off. Be sure to check the other parts of the garage as well, such as the sides, the hinges and the underside as well. And finally, if you don’t want to get drips of paint all over your driveway, consider taping a tarp in place.


You’re Ready To Paint!

Painting a garage door is no different from painting any other surface. Long, slow strokes are the way to go for a quick and even single coat, let the first coat air dry before applying another. When it comes to the garage, focus on going lengthwise rather than the verticle up and down. Don’t worry about the hinges while the door is closed, you can partially open the door to get into those tight spaces.

Avoid painting in extreme heat – especially if you have a steel or aluminum door. Metals tend to expand in the heat, which will not allow the paint to settle properly and may ruin your paint job. For wooden doors, consider a good sanding and then stain it!


Final Thoughts

Repainting your garage door can go a long way in increasing your homes value and curb appeal. Painting a garage door isn’t very different from painting a wall, and will just take some patience, time, and the right paint to get the job done!

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