Tips for Garage Door and Door Opener Safety, Repair and Replacement

//Tips for Garage Door and Door Opener Safety, Repair and Replacement

Let’s talk about safety and the importance of a sound operating garage door and opener. Residential garage doors can weigh up to 400 pounds and with added tension and improper working parts, it can easily become a lethal weapon to you and your family. Do you know that over 30,000 individual injuries from garage doors are reported every year? These injuries are due to broken or faulty garage door systems. It’s time to evaluate your complete garage door operating system in addition to the openers used every day to access your home.

A garage door is an important asset to every home and for many of us it is the only way we enter and exit our home every day.  We need a safe and secure door to protect our home and our personal belongings. Garages house our valuable vehicles and personal belongings so why not give some strong consideration to making sure that your garage operating system will protect you and your loved ones.

Teaching your kids about garage door safety:

  • Kids are curious so removing that factor really helps them understand how the door works. Take the time now to actually show them how all of the moving parts operate including the automatic reversal and other safety systems.
  • While showing them the door, explain why certain parts are in place and explain that the door is very heavy.  Should something fail, the weight of the garage door coming down can be very dangerous.
  • Explain the “danger zone” areas which are strictly hands off.  These areas include the spring system, the lifting cables and the photo-eye reversal system.

To guarantee your garage door and openers are operating safely and efficiently, let one of our expert technicians make a house call and evaluate your garage door system.  Our skilled personnel will inspect your garage door and openers, make necessary repairs and protect you and your family from any unnecessary accidents.

If the time has come to replace that garage door or garage door openers, we offer a line of first-class products that will enhance the appearance of your home and give it great curb appeal.  Reach out to us today and make sure your garage door system is securing your biggest investment – your home.

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