Picture this: you come home from work, you finally arrive home, and you pull your car all the way into your garage, and best of all, you have room to maneuver out of it and walk into the house! Seem like a fantasy? Not anymore! Below we give you our best tips for cleaning out your garage fast.

Step One: Move It All Out

First things first, and no one likes this part. You have to take EVERYTHING out of your garage. You can finish cleaning your garage until you know everything in it. We recommend that as you pull things out you group like items together in piles. Put all your yard tools in one spot, then all your chemicals in another, et cetera. Keep going until there is absolutely nothing left in the garage. While you have a clean work area, now would be a great time to give the floor a sweep and to clear the space of any cobwebs that might be lurking about.

Step Two: Clear Out the Unnecessary Stuff

Now its time to start going through it all. Give yourself some rules to follow for what you will keep and what you will not. Be sure to ask yourself with each item if it belongs in the garage, or if you just did not know where else to put it at the time. A good rule to follow about things to get rid of:

  • If it has not been used in the last year
  • The item is not in good, working condition or cannot be repaired
  • If it is something you could easily borrow or rent

Items that fit into these categories, should probably be disposed of. Once you have gone through all of your items, decide if anything you will not be keeping can be sold or donated, or if it just needs to be thrown away.

Step Three: Put It Back

Now that you know which items are staying and the space is nicely clean, it is time to start putting things back. Wait, not so fast! Take a few minutes to decide how you can keep your garage looking this good going forward. Determine what type of storage will work best so that you know exactly where things belong and can have some room for the new items that will inevitably come in. Once you have all that ready, get to putting your items in their new, clean and organized space.

Step Four: Celebrate

Stand back and admire your handiwork. Just look at how amazing your “new” garage looks! Just don’t stand there for too long. You don’t want the neighbors to think you are some kind of weirdo. Now it is time to pull the car in and celebrate your newfound organization. Well done, you.