The DIY trend – or Do It Yourself – has become more and more popular over the years. While we can commend those who are handy, there are just some projects that are better off left to the experience of professionals, and repairing your garage door is one of them. In this article, we are going to review X reasons as to why DIY garage door repair is a bad idea.


You Might Make Things Worse

If you’re unfamiliar with the garage door assembly, no matter how helpful YouTube may be, it just doesn’t make up for years of experience and know-how. Even with research, it isn’t the best idea to practice on your own property unless you intend on going into the garage door repair business. Fact is, there is a strong possibility that mistakes will happen, to no fault of your own, without proper training and experience there is a higher chance of making the original problem worse, which may not only risk your own health and safety but your property and pocketbook as well.


If It Isn’t Broken, Don’t Fix It

As stated above, without professional knowledge of your garage doors components, you may not be aware of what is and is not working properly. When going through a DIY repair, it can be difficult to determine if a component is actually functioning correctly or not. And without the experience and knowledge of a professional, there is a chance that you may end up breaking a perfectly functional piece. Attempting to repair a functional component will also cost time and money, while not failing to resolve the original issue.


The Right Tools For The Job

Many homeowners don’t actually keep the appropriate types of tools on hand that are suited for garage door repairs. While it’s easy enough to get eye level with your garage doors track, the process of actually fixing the damaged components without the proper tools is harder than it looks. Not only can you cause further damage to your garage door, but you can also damage your tools as well.


Torsion Springs

Above each garage door, you may notice some springs. Both torsion and extension systems are reliable to have, however, when it comes to repairs they are perhaps the most dangerous part of the garage. You see, these springs are tightly wound and under quite a bit of tension. Were they to snap during repairs, they would send multiple broken pieces of metal flying in each direction. Meaning anyone, or anything, in the immediate area is at risk of being injured or damaged.

The safety risk aside, if one is able to safely remove the spring, finding the right size and style may prove challenging. Replacement of the incorrect spring can lead to additional damages and safety concerns.

The Potential For A Collapsed Garage Door

Believe it or not, garage doors can be exceptionally heavy when not supported by the springs and their tracks. Weighing anywhere from 200 lbs to 500 lbs these doors are dangerous when it comes to repairs simply for the risk of them falling from their tracks. If an individual were to be beneath a garage door when it falls, the results could be terminal.

Do-it-yourself repairs may seem a good idea at the time, however, the extreme risk for injury and damages to your vehicle or property are just not worth it. At the end of the day, play it safe. When in doubt, call the professionals. All of us right here at Straight Up Garage are ready to discuss your garage door needs and assist you with all of your maintenance and repair needs.

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