Convenience is important when it comes to your garage door opening system and your garage in general. Some people use the garage as the main entrance to their house, after all! So it’s easy to see why some people would want to invest in a keyless garage opening system. There are many advantages to doing so, after all. In this article, you’ll learn more about what keyless garage entry systems are and why they’re so important, as well as what to do if you’re considering getting one for your own garage.

Five Big Reasons

When considering a keyless garage door opening system, there are five main reasons people talk about, and all of them are about as important as one another:

Lockout Protection

The first is lockout protection. If you’ve ever forgotten your keys inside and found yourself locked out, this can be especially frustrating when even your garage is locked. Security is great when everything is working well, but when you’ve made a mistake, it can be a real pain to get back inside – And every successful “trick” used to enter your home makes it less secure in the future. A keyless garage entry system allows you to enter your garage even if you lose or forget your keys.

One-Time Codes

Additionally, friends, neighbors, and servicemen can be given a single-use access code to enter your garage. This is great if you’re expecting a technician to visit while you’re at work or a neighbor is coming over while you’re still getting things ready.

Security and Ease of Access

These codes are very secure and you can change them at any time to whatever suits you. You can do this on the panel itself or by using a smart app installed on your phone.

App Integration

These apps let you monitor your keyless entry system and can allow it to be integrated into a larger home security system. Pairing your keyless entry system with a home security system is a great way to access broader security features.

Common Uses

If you work in the afternoon and aren’t able to
pick up your children as soon as school gets out, you probably have given the keys in the past. This works just fine – until someone loses or forgets their key at school and finds that the campus has shut down for the day. A keyless garage system gives them access any time without having to take the risk of leaving a spare key under that conspicuous rock on your doorstep.

As mentioned, allowing temporary access to neighbors is another one. If you ever have to travel, it can be a worry about how you’re going to water your plants or feed your pets or take care of any number of things. A trustworthy neighbor who can enter your home is a great benefit – As you can set the code to a temporary number for the duration of your trip and reset it when you return home. This goes for technicians, as we mentioned as well, as a repairman can enter your home with your keyless entry system and finish the work while you’re at the job site.

Learn More About Keyless Entry Systems

It’s clear why so many homeowners opt for a keyless entry system. In many places, it’s even becoming the new standard! At Straight Up Garage Doors, we’re familiar with a variety of garage door systems and can help you start on the path to getting your own keyless entry system.

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