When it comes to garage doors and garage door openers, many individuals think that these are all the same. This is not the case. When it comes to selecting a garage door one of the most important aspects of the decision is the garage door opener. You might be wondering why this is.

Garage door openers are what allow the garage door to function; they are what lifts and pulls the door open and releases it to close. They can provide light in the garage. They offer security. Garage door openers are not one-size-fits-all. We at Straight Up Garage Doors realize this and are devoted to helping you find the right choice to meet your needs.

So what should you be looking for in a garage door opener? What are they capable of?


One thing to pay special attention to is power. You will want a garage door opener that has the ability to lift and release the garage door at the appropriate speed and ease.


Many garage door openers might get the job done, but may not be able to do so without letting the whole neighborhood know. It is possible to get a reliable, quiet, and affordable garage door opener, so that you will not have to worry about disturbing the neighbors (and yourself) every time you open your garage door.


You want to purchase a garage door opener that will not only work properly but also last as long as possible. Is garage the door opener you’re looking into one that is strong and reliable?


When choosing a garage door opener, you want to make sure you’re opting for a product that comes from a reliable and credible source. We offer a variety of garage door openers that all come with a one year hassle free warranty, and are assembled in the USA. Even if you happen to find your best fit in a garage door opener from a local store, we will install it for you complete with a 30 day warranty on labor.

If you would like more information on garage doors and garage door openers, pleaseĀ contact us! We are dedicated to meeting your garage door needs.