It is extremely frustrating to hit the button on your remote garage door opener and have nothing happen. We have all been there a few times, especially when we are running late. After a few attempts of clicking the wall gently, many of us begin to pound the wall unit hoping additional force will somehow produce different results. Like I said, we have all been there! It is also frustrating when you know you just changed the batteries in the remote, and can’t figure out why this may be happening. To help you out with situations such as these, check these three components to quickly diagnose easy to identify malfunctions with your garage door opener.

First, check to ensure the garage door opening unit is plugged in. This may sound trivial however, this is often the leading cause of a malfunction. You would be surprised how often a garage door unit gets banged around while people are moving around within the garage. The plug being slightly loose could be enough for a malfunction.

Second, ensure the antenna is not damaged. For the same reason the plug could be removed, the antenna could have received some sort of blunt trauma causing it to be unable to receive a signal from the remote. Ensure the antenna is not bent or loose in anyway.

Third, checking the circuit breaker or fuse box for the electrical circuit dedicated to the garage door opener. There could be a more severe situation occurring that has nothing to do with the garage door itself, and should be investigated with caution. If the circuit breaker continues to pop, an electrician should be contacted at your earliest convenience.

If none of these situations are the root cause to your frustration, then maybe there is a more serious issue going on with your garage door opener. If that is the case we encourage you to contact us to help ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.