Strange Noises From Your Garage Door

Do you hear strange noises from your garage door whenever you use it? What can you do? What do these noises mean? After talking with our Straight Up Garage Doors experts, we compiled this article to assist you!

Loud Grinding Noise?

Are you hearing a loud grinding noise when you use your garage door? Below we’ve listed the possible causes for such noises.

  • It could be a broken spring.
  • Broken motor
  • Broken Rollers
  • Broken Cable
  • Or a broken belt

These are all pretty standard and easily fixed but do not hesitate to contact one of our certified technicians if you need assistance.

Hearing A Loud Thump

A loud thumping noise is caused by the garage door hitting the wall or ceiling. This is typically caused by a bent track or a misaligned spring. One of our experts can quickly fix this by adjusting those springs or the track.

This is more challenging than changing something that is broken and should be handled by a professional. However, you can trust our Straight Up Garage Doors team to help you with your ‘loud thump” needs.

Loud Bangs or Popping Sounds

Loud bangs or popping sounds are commonly caused when the garage door is not appropriately balanced. However, it can also be caused by broken or loose springs, cables, or when the door hits the wall or another object. This can also occur when the door strikes against the floor and the garage floor is uneven.

Grinding Noises or Screeching Noises

Hearing a grinding noise when your garage door opens or closes is a sign of a broken spring. Now fixing a broken spring may sound easy and something you can do by yourself. However, anytime you are dealing with large projects like this, it is essential to have professional help in solving the problem.

If you are hearing screeching noises, it is likely caused by the springs or the rollers and cables rubbing together. Those are the two most common causes. However, a misaligned door, a roller or track that needs replacing, or even a broken cable may be responsible for the noise.

Listening to your garage door’s strange noise can help you diagnose its problems.

Listening to your garage door’s noises is vital when preparing for its regular maintenance. Throughout this article, we discussed what kind of noises your garage door could make and what they could mean.

Finally, when you hear those noises, instead of making them worse, it would be best to trust the professionals here at, Straight Up Garage Doors to help you make an informed choice about what you need to do with your garage door in any of these situations. Any member of our expert team of technicians would be ecstatic to get your garage door working as it should,

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