Signs of a Broken Garage Door Opener

//Signs of a Broken Garage Door Opener

When most people hear the term “garage door opener” they typically think of the small remote in their vehicle or maybe the manual button attached to the wall, but a garage door opener is actually the upper assembly attached to the ceiling. These units are generally dependable and are seldom responsible for the most common garage door issues. However, when they malfunction they are often not repairable by the average homeowner.

A broken garage door opener can cause issues that range from a minor inconvenience, such as the garage door not opening, to a serious safety risk (worn or frayed wires can be a fire hazard). A garage door that fails to operate properly may seem like a sudden occurrence but most likely the problem has been developing for a while. Here is some helpful information on how to detect problems with a garage door opener before they progress to major repairs.

There are three types of garage door openers: chain, belt, and screw drive. If the door is shaking, hesitating, or hitching as it opens, the tracks and rollers should be checked. If the tracks and rollers are functioning correctly, the drive system should be suspected. Belt systems can experience stretching or cracking of a belt, chain systems can stretch and corrode, and screw drives can get gummed up with corrosion and dirt. Excessive noise can also result from drive systems if they are not properly oiled and maintained.

Wiring problems often produce the strangest garage door behavior. The door may not open or may open intermittently. The door may open without anyone pushing the button or even when no one is around. The manual switch may not work or the motor may sound labored. All of these issues can result from bad wiring. If there are no lights on the unit and the motor does not operate the circuit board may be faulty. Power surges or lightning strikes are frequently the cause of wiring or circuit board issues. Wiring problems need to be corrected immediately. A door that opens when it is not supposed to operate can allow intruders access inside and frayed wires can potentially cause a fire.

Minor glitches such as hitching or hesitating may be solved or partially eliminated by cleaning and oiling but wiring and circuit board problems are best addressed by professionals. If your garage door is operating improperly, please contact us for a free quote.

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