Of the many different working pieces that go into a home, you probably don’t think too much about your garage door. It is something that you kind of expect will be part of your house from its first days all the way to its last, but that is simply not true. Like your roof, water heater, or furnace, your garage door will age and eventually it may need to be replaced. However, unlike your roof, water heater, or furnace, you don’t need it replaced every 10 years. However, there are some signs that the once-noble door that protects your car and the majority of your tools from the outside world needs to be replaced.

It is Repeatedly Breaking Down

There is having your garage door serviced once or twice in a five-year span and there is having to call someone out to fix it multiple times in a year. After awhile, it is simply more prudent to spend the money on a new garage door instead of spending it on having your old one fixed. Once a garage door starts to manifest multiple issues, even having those issues repaired doesn’t mean it will be completely healthy ever again.

Outdated Design or Exterior Damage

Think of a garage door like the nose on the face of your house. It takes up a lot of space and is usually one of the big focal points when it comes to curb appeal. It doesn’t matter if you are considering selling your home or not, you want it to look nice. Garage doors actually come in a stunning number of designs that can really elevate the look of your house. Furthermore, if your garage door has a number of dents or dings due to the long act of living in a house, you can’t simply bang those out.

It Lacks Safety Features

Many now-adults remember the occasional game they played as kids that involved closing the garage door and trying to run out before the door closes on top of them. Of course, with those old garage doors, that was a wildly dangerous thing to do because those garage doors could have very well closed on you due to the lack of modern safety features. These days, modern garage doors come with features that will reverse the door if it makes contact with an object. It is a great investment if you bought an older house and plan to fill it with new children because, like you did as a kid, they will play that same game at some point.

Is your garage door having issues or are you considering replacing it? Contact us today to talk over your options. Even if you aren’t sold on replacing your garage door quite yet, a little maintenance can still do wonders for it.