Should I Use My Garage As Vehicle Storage?

It is very common to see car owners parking their cars in front of their house, even if they have a sizable garage and more than enough space to store their vehicle in. This is usually done out of convenience. Turning off the car and walking straight into your house can prove to be far easier than going through the process of opening the garage door and carefully parking inside, especially if you have family or kids with you. Be it convenience or simply the desire to use your garage space for something else, you shouldn’t simply dismiss the benefits of using your garage as vehicle storage. Here are some of them you should consider!

Your Car is Safer Inside The Garage!

An obvious benefit to storing your car in the garage is that the garage will protect it from the elements. Many different things can affect your car, from rain and hail slamming against its exterior to unpredictable circumstances such as tree branches and wild animals possibly scratching your car when it’s left outside. Though heavy damage is rare, it doesn’t mean that light scratches or other unexplainable blemishes on the car aren’t.

Protecting your car from the weather can be more important than you may realize. While leaving it outside for a little while now and again won’t do it any harm, repeated exposure can affect the lifetime of your car and its appearance. Exposure to UV light can negatively affect your car in many ways, both internally and externally.

Exposure to the elements, sun, and temperature changes can also affect your car’s appearance, from needing less washing due to lesser exposure to dirt and grime to lesser car paint and color degradation. There is a reason car mechanics can tell if you keep your car outside or not!

Your Car is Less Likely to be Stolen

A car sitting on a driveway is a car easily accessible by a thief. However, breaking into a garage is far more of a hassle than breaking into a car, not to mention the fact that the thief may not even know that there is a car inside your garage in the first place. Additionally, the protection provided by the garage also discourages vandalism and accidental harm that may be done to your precious car by your jealous neighbors.

Vehicle Storage in the Garage Will Lower your Insurance Costs

Though as unlikely as it may sound to some, certain insurance companies take into account if you store your vehicle in a garage or not. Sure, it might not be the biggest deal to some as it is often a small difference, but if you already have a garage, saving money for just a little extra effort never hurts, right?

If you want to make putting your car in the garage less of a chore, you might want to consider getting yourself a new garage door. Luckily for you, we can help you with that. Our experts at Straight Up Garage Doors will be able to help you make the best decision for your garage and help you ensure your garage door is not only safe but suited to all your needs!

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