Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Door

Though they might seem like single large pieces of equipment, many parts make up a garage door. Not even counting your garage door opening system, garage doors usually have multiple panels or sections. We can’t always be safe from accidents, and normal wear and tear are unavoidable. You’re going to have to think about repair and replacement eventually. What should you do if one of your door panels is dented? What do you do when your garage door pieces wear down? It’s important to ask yourself if these parts should be scheduled for a repair or replace job. If you’ve ever wondered about these questions, this is the article for you.

Easy Repairs

If one or two sections appear rusty or damaged, you can usually get away with changing those panels. Light scratches, chipped paint, and minor dents may not even need a replacement. If you have any matching latex-based paints, you may be able to repair scratches or surface rust easily. However, most surface treatments are only temporary fixes. If you’re not sure if you can handle it yourself, you can call us over to look at your garage door.

Similarly, you can usually put a garage door back on its tracks easily. Pulling the emergency release cord will make it easier to move your garage door. In most cases, you can move it back into place, but don’t risk it if you aren’t sure. Call for professional help.

When to Seek Repairs

As we mentioned, you should call us whenever you aren’t sure. Larger jobs, such as full panel repair, benefit from professional help. For example, if somebody hits your garage door and dents a couple of panels, you want to replace them before operating your garage door. Otherwise, your garage door could come free of its rails or damage itself further.

It’s important to be careful when dealing with damage to your garage door. Even minor damage may have caused problems elsewhere. Is your garage door still on its rails? Have any of the moving parts suffered damage? Even if you didn’t see any problems, the weight distribution of your garage door could have been knocked off balance. Minor damage early on introduces repeat problems that wear down your garage over time. This can make minor problems very dangerous down the line.

When to Replace Garage Door

If you back into your garage door, several panels are damaged, or your garage door is very old… It may be time to replace it. Shaky doors are similar to damaged doors in that repetitive motion will damage them more over time. Damaged doors could harm you, your family, or your property. That’s why we always recommend replacing them if you don’t know for sure.

Not only that but older, damaged garage doors have an impact on your property value. Even if you aren’t planning to resell any time soon, a garage door in good repair adds beauty and value to your home. If you’re still wondering if your garage door needs a repair or replace job, please call us. Do yourself and your home a favor, and be sure to contact Straight Up Garage Doors if you’ve got questions about your door.

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