Should I get a Garage Door with Windows?

Have you been considering buying a new garage door recently? If so, you aren’t the only one; almost every single garage owner had to go through the loops of replacing the garage door at some point in time, be it from wear and tear or even something as simple as a desire to change up the style of their garage. As a result, you might already know what materials to use, the aesthetic you’re going for that will fit well with the rest of your house, and yet you might still be unsure if your garage door needs windows.

There are pros and cons to having garage door windows from many angles, both practical and aesthetic. Here are some of them you might want to consider!

Pros of Having Garage Door Windows

When considering your custom garage door, you should consider more than just its practicality. Garage Doors play as much a part of the garage and the house aesthetic as any other decoration you might put up, if not more so. These additions can act as a wonderful improvement to the general looks of your garage. Garage Door Windows come in different shapes and sizes, not necessarily having to belong and horizontal but possibly being vertical and larger if that’s what you desire.

Beyond the aesthetic component of the garage themselves, there is also the obvious light factor. Garage door windows provide a way for the sunlight to shine through into the garage, improving the ambiance as well as saving you a bit of money on the energy bill as you’re less likely to need to turn on the lights to move around and actively make use of your garage.

Cons of Having These Additions

Regarding the cons of Garage Door Windows, they are much similar to what you might come to expect from any other window. Having Garage Door Windows provides you less privacy than a door without them. This can, however, be minimized through getting a smaller set of windows installed in the garage door, still possibly shining some light through into the garage, and adding that little personal touch to your garage without exposing it to prying eyes.

The other concern worth considering is that they can be a security risk, not unlike a regular window. Having a view into your garage allows any possible burglars to scout out the insides of your garage for valuables. While you might be concerned about burglars breaking in through garage windows, ultimately, it is the least concerning of all the risks as the height at which most garage windows are placed as well as their size makes it an unattractive option to most would-be intruders compared to one of your other ground floor windows.

Are you still unsure if your Garage Door needs windows? Contact us at Straight Up Garage Doors today. Our team will happily help you out with professional advice as well as a free quote for the Garage Door of your dreams!

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