Security Additions for Garage Doors

In the past, garage doors were among the least secure parts of a home. Thankfully, modern technology has advanced so that today you can have the same peace of mind whether you’re entering through your front door or your garage door with some new security additions.

If you’re worried about protecting your home and family, rest assured that a Straight Up Garage Doors Garage Door system installed by our professionals will keep them safe and secure. Worry no more! But, if you’re looking to know more, there’s a few additions we’d love to speak about beneath.

Encrypted Garage Door Opener for Security Additions

As with any new technology, the advent of remote-controlled garage doors has created a new set of security concerns. Older models have been plagued by hackers who intercept the radio signals sent by openers and gain access to homes by using their own remotes. Safety, security and peace of mind are the most important considerations when it comes to purchasing a remote-controlled garage door.

Newer models, that we recommend especially, have solved this problem with rolling code technology, which changes the code in each signal to prevent hacking. These great new openers can generate billions of encrypted codes to ensure no home intruder can ever just open your system!

Remote Lock Out Systems

Another handy feature that comes installed with a number of new garage doors is the remote lock out system for emergency situations that need to quickly, and easily, secure your garage. Remote lockout allows the homeowner to disengage all remotes while leaving the keypad operational by simply holding down the Lock button on your wall station for three seconds.

In the unfortunate event of an intrusion, all wireless FOBS, will automatically lock down in case they’ve somehow managed to snag an access button. And when the police arrive, you can enter your code on the wall-mounted keypad and let them in, without ever leaving your home or calling a locksmith.

It’s also great for when you leave town!

Trolley Release Security Fix

The emergency release cord allows homeowners to manually open their garage doors even when power is unavailable. If the cord is accessible, it can be pulled to open the garage door without a key. As you’d expect, this is a huge, unavoidable security breach that turns a helpful garage door into an entry point for a variety of intruders with theft or worse in mind.

Even worse, it’s not exactly difficult to pull this latch – Thieves may use a wire hanger or other flexible object to pull the release cord on your garage door and gain access to your property. Make your garage door a fort not to be breached.

Newer, quality garage door openers have addressed a design flaw in older models by requiring the cord to be pulled back instead of down in order to release. This tweak makes the device just as easy to operate in an emergency situation, but more secure.

If you need further tips on security features like this, contact our experts at Straight Up Garage Doors.

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