Safety Settings For Your Garage Door

With the sheer amount of weight and force behind a garage door, manufacturers have thought ahead and included several safety measures. Your garage door opener comes with many settings preprogrammed to work with your door, chief among them are the sensors. These sensors are there to stop and reverse the door if it were to come into contact with an obstruction. Such as a pet or small child. Quite the boon, for sure, with how careless our youth and pets can be.

Safety Settings for Door Closing Force

Garage doors have adjustable force settings that determine how much force the door will use to stop when it hits an obstruction and reverse. It is highly recommended that you not adjust the force settings on your garage door opener. The force setting determines how much force is required when your door hits something to stop the door and reverse it.

To check that the force-sensing feature is functioning correctly:

  1. Stand just out of line with the door and hold your hands out palms up as if you were going to receive a gift.
  2. Trigger the garage door opener; as the door begins closing, grab hold of it at its base and try to stop it from closing using moderate pressure.

If you feel the need to make an adjustment, please give us a call. Our technicians will examine your door and make any necessary changes for you. But, if you absolutely must adjust the door yourself – These are the steps.

Before performing any adjustments, unplug the power supply to the garage door opener. Examine the close-force screw, and record its directions for increasing or decreasing force. Make any necessary adjustments. Afterward, hand-test the door once more to ensure that you did such accurately.

Garage Door “Safety Eyes”

The safety eyes on your garage door are a device that is required to be installed on any door. The transmitter and receiver are located at the base of your garage door, and are essential safety equipment. The device consists of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter sends out a beam of radio waves picked up by the receiver to complete the circuit and allow the door to open or close. When an obstruction interrupts the beam, it won’t function properly.

Safety eyes are usually used to prevent doors from closing on people or objects. They consist of a pair of LEDs, which should remain lit when the door is aligned properly. If the LEDs blink or go out, the safety eyes should be realigned by an expert if necessary. You can realign them yourself, saving you from having to call a technician.

Though, with this in consideration, you might want to bite the bullet and give our experienced technicians a call to ensure that your door is correctly configured. Your family’s safety is our number one priority, and considering the weight and equipment behind a garage door’s mechanisms, they can be dangerous.

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