Removing Garage Door Noise

If you’re dealing with garage door noise, you might be looking for solutions. The garage door is usually the largest piece of moving equipment in your home. Because it is used so frequently and because garages tend not to have insulated walls, a garage door can be noisy.

People may be disturbed by daytime rumbles while they are sleeping, as well as unexpected vibrations. So, if you want to fix this irritating headache, look no further than our tips below to solve your every garage door noise issue.

Lubricate Your Moving Parts to Remove Garage Door Noise

It’s important to keep your garage door properly lubricated. To keep your garage door operating smoothly, spray all moving parts, springs, and hinges generously. twice a year. If you have a chain-and-sprocket opener, be sure the chain isn’t loose, and give it a good spray down as well.

Use a garage door lubricant that is specifically designed for this purpose and won’t cause any problems in the future.

Tighten All Parts to Stop Rattling

Once your garage door is cleaned, you may want to prepare for things like door adjustments that can be made after wiping down all the parts. Check to make sure all nuts, bolts and track hardware are tightened down securely. If any parts are missing or loose, fix them immediately.

You should also check the rollers for any worn down parts or blown bearings, and replace them, as they can also cause a bit of rattle in a garage door.

Replace Old Metal Rollers

If you are concerned about noise, look for nylon rollers with sealed bearings. They are more expensive, but they will save you the time and effort otherwise spent lubricating your door track.

Also, as a safety warning for garage repair DIY, keep this in mind. Never change the rollers in a garage door’s bottom bracket; they are under constant tension and can cause serious injury. Call your garage door repairman for this job.

To Fix Garage Door Noise, Add Anti-Vibration Pads

to reinforce and muffle your garage door noise… There’s a helpful tool, but they require a little know-how to put in your garage’s installation. If you want to reduce the noise caused by your garage door opener, install anti-vibration pads in your tracks. They’re the perfect solution for almost every garage dealing with noise pollution issues that are keeping you up at night.

There are a number of online resources that you can find which will detail every step of installing these tracks to your garage system. Though, for most, this can be a bit of a hassle to deal with. If you’d like some professional experience in garage door installation you should look no further than our experts at Straight Up Garage Doors.

We can both install those tracks for you, and troubleshoot any other potential garage door issues that might be causing your night time headaches with a noisy door.

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