Maybe that old wooden garage door just isn’t making you feel safe enough anymore. Perhaps you’ve decided to purchase a home in a seedier part of town or one that’s slowly, with the state of affairs currently, going downhill quickly. Or, instead of man’s wrath, you’re trying to outlast that of Mother Nature. Now, you’re here, searching for a little extra ‘oomph’ to add to your castle’s defenses. Reinforced garage doors can be an excellent choice for protection from any threat, be it artificial or natural! Beneath, you’ll find exactly what you need to put your mind at ease when trying to keep all those expensive items safe and secure behind reinforced garage doors.

Consult an Expert

Before you purchase the door, be sure to go to someone with experience in the subject and have them assess if your door framework is capable of the added weight and stress from a metal door over the wood. As you’d expect, the metal doors are a good bit heavier and might put some hinge-breaking strain on your mechanisms.

Purchasing Options and Usual Locations

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In a garage, that can often be considered the flimsy wooden material you use for a ‘door.’ Potential robbers can kick out these panels, and that’s an incredible Achilles heel in your home’s defenses.

One of the first places you can check for purchases is a local hardware store. Often, they can assist in acquiring you some aluminum or steel-reinforced panels that will significantly increase your garage’s durability from any potential threats. The aluminum naturally dents easier, but it compensates the weaker layering with a lighter composition than steel plates.

If your local hardware store doesn’t carry the door, you’ll have luck in online retailers. Also, be sure to hire a capable expert to put the door’s framework together for you. Elsewise, DIY construction might leave errors and possibly, entryways for potential burglars to exploit.

Covering Windows

Suppose you’re attempting to avoid burglars exploiting the garage. In that case, either purchase a garage door without windows or, find some covering to keep any opportunistic passersby from looking in.


Security recommendations for extended stays are also to make sure your garage is equipped with a T-Lock. This little latch completely negates your garage from turning until you manually unlock the mechanism. It’s great for absolute security or if you’re going out of town for a few days. In order to get in, a robber would have to break off the lock itself, and all but the most determined will be discouraged from even thinking of attempting this.


Another fairly popular method for security in garages is to install a keypad instead of other one-button solutions. These can usually be purchased at your local hardware store, but you’ll often need the assistance of someone with experience in installing them. If you’re not sure how to proceed, be sure to go to a specialist and have them do it for you. Better safe than sorry when it comes to these rigs.

Zip-Tying Release Cord

While not recommended for your safety in case of emergency situations, some owners with the compulsion to be absolutely protected from any ‘fishing’ attempts have begun zip-tying their safety cords to prevent anyone from pull-releasing the door manually.

Garage Remote Storage

Your garage remote is one of the easiest ways to gain access to everything within your garage. Unfortunately, most models have difficulty discriminating between a random burglar and the original owner.

If you have one of these, be sure that you do not store it somewhere easy to reach, like a car. Once they break into your vehicle, they essentially have free access to use your garage as they please. Be sure to, when you leave, take your opener out of your car and never the dashboard.

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