Reasons to Buy A Manual Garage Door

Even if the average home is now using an automatic garage door, that doesn’t mean it is the right choice for your situation. For example, suppose you’re planning to modify an existing garage door or install an entirely new system. In that case, this brief article can give you a few tips and reasons why you might want to consider the cheaper, simpler option of purchasing a manual garage door.
Beneath are several of our most popular reasons to consider picking or switching to this option for your ease of access.

Building On A Budget

Of course, the first reason that many would consider manual over automatic is if the price is a factor that might not be so exceedingly lax. They are much cheaper than the automatic variant, and also simpler to install. This is usually due to the fact that a homeowner is not required to purchase and retrofit all the particular electrical components to their garage and garage opener. So while a manual door might not be as convenient, it still, with proper maintenance, can operate smoothly.

Security Considerations

Considering all the electronics, keypads, fobs, and more built into an automatic garage door, thieves can manipulate a level of weakness in their systems. If, by sheer circumstance, your system is hacked from outside, a thief can easily walk into your garage and take whatever he pleases. In comparison, a manual door is locked by a classic padlock, where only tools and experience can possibly begin to intervene.
Style Variation
Side-hinged doors, swing-out doors, and roller doors, there is an endless variety of styles that can be used to create a manual garage door in comparison to an automatic. Considering the shape and lack of fancy electronics, it is only limited by your imagination, not technology.

Lack of Need

While an automatic garage door can be nice, there’s also the point you need to take into consideration cost-effectiveness. It’s less likely that you will need an automatic garage door on something like a shop or car storage. It might be better to not waste the money on an electrical system that would be rarely used and instead dedicate those funds to better projects.

Thus, these four things are some of the most likely considerations you would take into mind before buying your door.

Conclusion To Manual Garage Door Reflection

Each of these doors has a number of benefits and drawbacks that you as a homeowner need to take into consideration before you buy. Take time to look at the price variations, your garage space, the room on your ceiling for an automatic system, and the other physical constraints of your home.

If you need further help in making an adequate decision for your home, we would be happy to help you and ensure that what you buy is perfect for your situation. Contact us at Straight Up Garage Doors for more information and a helping hand.

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