Reasons For A Non-Working Garage Door

If your garage has stopped functioning without any easily noticed reason cropping up on a short inspection. It might be time to consider other avenues that might be causing your issues. To begin, a garage door is a rather complex mechanism in comparison to your house’s door, and with this in mind, you have quite a few moving parts that could be the cause. The list below explains more on which could be the culprit for your non-working garage door.

Non-Working Garage Door – The Obvious First

To begin, you have to look at the simplest solutions. Is your remote control for the garage still functional? If you have a secondary garage door opener, go ahead and see if the second can activate your garage door. If it does, congratulations! You’ve just narrowed down your issue to the remote itself – check the batteries to ensure you still have power. If not, time to replace the batteries or entire remote if that does not solve your problem.

Closing Too Quickly?

Another common issue in garage doors is when your door closes far too quickly. This can be caused by broken tension springs or, in other situations, broken cables. Check if there are stretching, broken, or otherwise damaged components – Call a professional to fix them, as some doors are too complex to repair without expert knowledge.

Door Isn’t Lifting?

IF your door is failing to lift, this can be another situation where broken tension springs are the cause. Check them, and if you’ve heard a loud ‘bang’ recently, this was likely the cause. As the name suggests, these springs are under quite a bit of tension which can all be released at once when they fail.

Door Opening/Closing At Random

This is, more often than not, something caused by transmitter issues. Make sure your remote isn’t stuck under something or perhaps being pressed down by other items in your car. People can easily overlook the most simple solutions, and a faulty transmitter can easily be the cause. Another potential issue is that neighbors might have the same frequency model of garage, which can cause ‘mixed signals.’ In this case, you’ll need to chat about the issue and find a solution. You can change your garage’s transmitter frequency, or they can do the same for theirs.

Door Closes Then Immediately Opens

Garage doors have a threshold limit setting to tell them when they are ‘fully closed.’ Suppose something sits in the path of the garage door. In that case, this can cause a safety system to force your garage to immediately open and prevent potential injury or damages to anyone sitting beneath it. Be sure to check the garage door’s space to make sure nothing is in the way, and if there is no debris or ‘junk’ there, find your manual to adjust the settings for your system’s closing threshold.

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