Garage doors are actually a huge part of your home, both literally and figuratively. For many people, garage doors are a huge part of curb appeal and the aesthetic of the home. It is also one of the home improvement projects that provides the largest return on investment. If you’re thinking of selling your house, getting a new garage door might be a good idea. But many homeowners have questions about the process. This week we are exploring the process of getting a new garage door. Read on to learn the easiest and most efficient steps for selecting a new garage door.

Step One: Determine The Aesthetic Of Your Home

The first step in the process is to determine what sort of a static your home has. Is it modern? Is it vintage? the aesthetic of a home plays a huge part and garage door selection. For example, you wouldn’t put a wooden carriage door on a modern house.

Step Two: Figure Out Your Budget

There are many many options when it comes to garage door budget. The budget impacts many components of your new garage door. From material to fixtures, budget plays a huge role. Discuss your budget  with your garage door professional. They are the people who can tell you how to get the most bang for your buck.

Step Three: Material Selection

There are four main types of garage door materials. The first is steel. Steel a strong, durable, it has plenty of design options.

The second is fiberglass. Fiberglass is also durable, but it is more lightweight then steel. Some homeowners prefer fiberglass because it is easier to operate manually then a steel door.

Then, there are full view aluminum garage doors. These doors are pretty exclusively for modern homes. They usually consists of an aluminum frame with tempered glass panels. It gives the door an industrial and utilitarian vibe.

Finally, there’s wooden doors. Wooden doors are very unique and require a lot of specialized care.

To determine the material for your door take into consideration both the aesthetic of your home and your budget.

Step Four: Color Time!

Garage door color is very important. Just like with materials, the color has a huge impact on the aesthetic of the door and the home. Consider the pros and cons of every color. for example, white garage doors show dirt and grime very easily. As a result, many professionals suggest that homeowners getting off white or beige door instead.

Step Five: Confirm The Final Design With A Garage Door Professional

Professionals have much more experience with garage doors then your average homeowner. When you are happy with your design, always consult with a professional. They can point out flaws you may not have considered. For example, many homeowners forget that fixtures on the outside of the door impact how the door opens.