Prevent Garage Door Dings

It’s just one of those bizarre things. Now and again, the spot we leave our vehicle to keep it safeguarded in some way, turns out to be the spot our vehicle gets the most harm. Perhaps it has something to do with the lacking elbow room or maybe we just let our guard down a little with our vehicles supposedly safe at home. Regardless, we might have recently tracked down the arrangement you need to make sure those weird dings never happen again! The only thing necessary for this DIY project to prevent garage door dings is a touch of creativity, a couple of common household items, and one exceptionally refined piece of modern equipment… A pool noodle!

A pool noodle you say? Indeed, a pool noodle. You know those long, styrofoam tubes? Those very fun, floaty cylinders your children actually never play with in any case – Well it just so happens they’re perfect for safeguarding your vehicle from entryway dings in the carport. Envision that! We’ve gathered two or three of the simpler ways for transforming these pool toys into reasonable door guards for your carport.

Wall Mounted Bumper

Whenever you must choose the option to leave your vehicle inside the striking distance of the garage divider, this strategy is fantastically easy and truly gets the job done. All you want is some twofold-sided froth tape and a noodle or two. Utilize any knife to cut the noodle into equal parts. Then, cut a slender strip from the other half, sufficiently wide to fill the focal point of the half noodle. Lay your half noodle on the ground winds up and put the long strip in the middle, ensuring it’s flush. Then cut two lengths of tape as long as the noodle. Apply segments of tape to the two edges of the half noodle and adhere to the divider where your garage door would hit. It’s just straightforward!

Here is a decent instructional exercise that utilizes screws rather than tape and without the middle addition.

 Noodle Rack

With two or three bits of PVC and a noodle, you can construct yourself a convenient, minimalistic, versatile guard to watch your vehicle. Essentially, by developing two “L” shapes from your PVC and interfacing them at the finishes and corners, this little rack can be moved around to any place you want it and tucked conveniently under your vehicle when left. The top bar ought to be entryway level and you can cut a noodle the long way and fold it over which will watch your vehicle from maverick drivers dinging up your paintwork. Simply make sure to haul it out before you drive away!

Do Away With Garage Door Dings!

With a smidgen of inventiveness, your carport can be similarly all-around as agreeable and useful as you really want it to be. Also, with anything relating to your carport entryway, we at Straight Up Garage Doors are generally here to assist with any of your requirements!

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