Preparing Your Garage For Summer

The effects of cold, harsh winter weather can be very difficult on a homeowner’s garage door and all of the moving parts that go along with it. Therefore, it’s always encouraged to perform regular maintenance and inspections on your garage door once the winter is over to help preserve the lifespan of your door. However, it’s even more important to check on your garage door every season to be safe. That being said, Salt Lake City’s garage door company has put together a quick and effective checklist on what a homeowner should inspect and be wary of as the summer weather approaches to prevent accidents from happening due to a garage door being overlooked and worn down.

Start With the Basics for Summer:

Begin with a general inspection of your garage door. Keep an eye out on all of the hardware for any signs of wear and tear, the cables fraying, the alignment tracks being derailed, rust, etc. Be sure to see any buildup in any of the tracks or around the tracks if you feel like they may need to be cleaned and removed for proper movement. Maybe you might need to open and close the garage door itself to hear any noises that may be off-putting or any hitches in movement that may not be aligned with the tracks. If there are any signs of rust, damage, or missing pieces, don’t hesitate to call a professional right away. It’s better to be safe than sorry, even if the damage may not be as severe as you think.

Lubricating Hardware:

This is to help keep your garage door running all summer smoothly. Proper lubrication along the moving parts of the garage door will help prevent any hitches or squeaky noises and keep the mechanics from roughly rubbing against one another. More specifically, make sure that the tracks, hinges, and rollers are properly lubricated. But don’t just use any lubricant, as hardware lubricants specifically made for garage doors!


This one is more optional than naught, but if your garage door has windows, be sure to include that in your garage door inspection. Winter weather against windows can cause buildup and potential damage if they’re not properly checked, and as such, best to be called up by a professional for replacements and repair.


Check the weatherstripping along the bottom perimeter of the garage door. The buildup of moisture of ice, snow, rain, etc., could have possibly damaged the stripping easily, and as a result, hot and cold air can be drafted in and out as the weather becomes warmer. To prevent wasting money blasting the AC along your garage door, check the weatherstripping and insulation and be sure it’s in good condition!

Check Your Photo-Eye System:

The photo-eye system has two sensors and either end of your garage door. They are there to ensure that if anything gets in the way of the garage door as it opens, it is to be closed immediately to prevent anything from getting crushed or damaged. So align them as best as you can and wipe them down with a soft cloth, and open and close the doors to see if it works. If it doesn’t, call an expert on the matter to have it fixed right away.

This is to ensure your garage door is working smoothly and safely. Be sure to follow the checklist and see if it all works out. If not, call a professional at Straight Up Garage Doors so that way we may help you with this matter and that your garage door runs perfectly for the hot summer weather.

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