Preparing for a Garage Door Installation

Getting a new garage door requires some planning. You’ve selected the perfect door and you’re ready to install it, but first you need to make sure your space is suitable for the installation process. It’s important to make sure the door will fit perfectly in your space. The first step is to measure your garage door opening and make sure it matches the size of the new door you’ve selected. Here are some other tips to make sure you’re prepared for your garage door installation.

1. Move Your Vehicles From the Driveway

Garage door installers will want to move their van into your driveway before beginning work so that they can easily access the tools required for installation. If possible, it’s best if you park your car(s) in the road rather than blocking their path. Larger vehicles such as boats or RVs should be pulled to an appropriate location where they will not interfere with the installers.

2. Make Sure That the Floor Is Clean

Make sure that there are no obstacles on the floor around your garage door—boxes, tools and other items can get in the way when professionals install an automatic opener. Also check to see that you have sufficient clearance above where they will connect wires for an overhead unit (since these may extend from wall to ceiling). Finally, make sure that there are no direct health hazards within the immediate vicinity of the garage. If you are having an infestation or another issue in a similar vein within your garage, it is most likely not a good idea to invite your installers.

3. Remember What You Have Picked

Garage door installers want you to be satisfied with their work. Most professionals will show you the garage doors, hardware and trims before installation so that you can verify they’re what was ordered. You’ll have an order confirmation document for your records; check it if possible added assurance of correct materials being used during the process

4. Don’t Let Pets or Kids Near the Garage Door Installation

During their visit, garage door installers will be moving heavy materials and using power tools. Keep young children and pets inside the house until you are sure that both the removal of your garage door and installation, if necessary, is complete. If you want to watch them work from a safe distance, make sure everyone stays out of their way!

5. Make Sure That You Stay Home During the Change

It’s a good idea to try to schedule your installation during a time when someone in your household will be home. That way, if you need help with any questions or concerns that arise during the process, someone else can assist with them.

6. Put Together Some Questions to Ask For Your Garage Door Installation

When hiring a company to install your new garage door, be sure you ask plenty of questions during the sales process. You may want to know more about how long warranties last and find out what kind of cleaning products they recommend using on your door’s tracks. We recommend our team at Straight Up Garage Doors for your quality assurance.

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