Now that you have painted the inside of your garage you can make your garage door match or you can choose a color to match the outside of your house. Letting it look shabby is like allowing your lawn to grow knee-high. Fortunately, painting your garage door will improve the appearance of your garage door and also offer protection from the elements, extending its lifespan.

Get Clean

The first step in this process is power washing the garage door to get all of the heavy dirt/dust off of it before painting it. Prepping the garage door ensures that paint will go on easily and hold up well. Put on your protective gear (the work gloves, dust mask, and safety goggles), and then remove any rusted or chipped spots by scrubbing with a wire brush.

Prep The Area

Next, sand these areas with fine grit sandpaper to create a smooth base. Clean the entire surface with all-purpose cleaner and a sponge. Once all dirt and grime are removed, rinse the door with a garden hose. Dry the surface with clean towels or rags, and then let it air dry for at least an hour.

Make Sure You Have Ideal Conditions

Check the weather forecast the week before you plan to start. The ideal temperature for painting is between 50 and 75 degrees, with low humidity and indirect sunlight. Choose three consecutive days that fit these criteria as closely as possible.

Get It Together

Then gather your materials: Be sure to select paint and primer (to promote adhesion and durability) appropriate for your particular garage door—most are now made of aluminum, but if you have an older home yours may be wooden. If you have any doubts about what to purchase, ask the experts at your local paint store. A gallon of paint ought to be more than adequate for a two-car garage door plus a bit to spare. But remember, putting a lighter color over a darker one may require more than one coat.


Prime the garage door with an exterior paint primer that’s suitable for the door’s material.

  • If your garage door has inset panels, prime these first using a high-quality 2-inch paintbrush with nylon bristles. Wipe away any excess that may have crept outside of the panels, in the areas known as the “stiles.” This will ensure a super smooth finish.
  • Next, prime the stiles using the brush or a ¾-inch roller. Be sure to get in between the “lips” of the horizontal panels too.
  • Lower the door as you go, and stand on a step stool or ladder for the top portion.
  • Do the trim last.
  • Let primer dry for at least 12 hours.


Once you have primed your garage door, you can apply your paint. Apply a quality exterior pain to the door using the same method as you used for priming. Start bottom to top, starting with the inner panels and working outward.

Finishing Up

Now, step back and admire your work. If your garage door surface appears to be all covered you can be finished, but if you see any uneven patches or spotting where the old color is wanting to show through, you can apply a second coat. Just let the first one dry and start again. Once you are done you can remove the painter’s tape if you used it and let it dry.

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