One of the biggest headaches for any homeowner with a garage is the perpetual grating squeak of an opening garage that they can’t quite seem to figure out. The generalized wear and tear of life and frequent usage can cause strain on a door’s systems, causing lubrication in the rollers, pulleys, and other components to grate or grind against one another until it produces an audible, annoying sound. Beneath, you’ll find some helpful causes that might just become the difference between a headache and peace of mind for any homeowner.


Fixing a Noisy Garage: Sight Inspection

Firstly, personal experience shows that one of the most likely causes is the hinges, like any other door. Usually, these parts are the first to need maintenance, and a quick spray of household lubricant (preferably WD40) can quickly ease the squeaking noises of your garage opening. Afterward, it might be worthwhile to check the rollers at the side, the ‘Opener Carriage’, or any other easily seen component. If none of these render a workable solution, your problem is likely the opener itself.


Screw Drive Garage Door Opener: Noisy Issues

One of the most common openers for garages is the ‘screw drive’, which is an opener that rotates a screw-like rod of steel that pulls the door upwards on opening. This is one of the loudest types of garage openers, so the noises might be just attributed to this system’s faults. On the other hand, the rod itself might be wearing down – as time progresses, more and more wear causes this rod to grow increasingly noisier until it inevitably fails altogether, destroying the opener’s ability to operate. Be sure to check this rod for damaged threads and apply a coating of lubrication as needed.


Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

The belt drive is the quietest but most costly type of garage door opener available on the market for the common household. As assumed by the name, this drive is operated by a belt system that pulls the door back and forth in order for it to open or close on command. This can cause belt wear, the same as you’d expect on any common car’s engine for their pulley systems. This can be the cause for unintended noise if the belt is too frayed. If there’s any obvious damage to the belt, it might be time to check with your nearest stores for replacements, and if necessary, use our experts at Straight Up Garage Doors to find a suitable model and replace it for you.


Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

The chain drive garage opener is another common variant that’s seen as a ‘middle ground’ in costs between the screw drive and belt drive; functional, cost-effective. Much like a middle-ground garage opener might be assumed to do, it’s less noisy than the screw but noisier than the belt. Checking this drive for damage is straightforward – check the chain for damage, then also be sure that the opening where the chains are fed through is properly lubricated as well. If the chains are damaged visibly, it is highly recommended to find a professional for assistance. That’s what we are here for! Give us a call.

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