More Storage Options For Your Garage

Car equipment, old toys, out-of-season holiday decorates, and more. Many Americans use their garages to store both vehicles and those random odds and ends we collect throughout our lives. But, if you are like many of us, that same space can become a little cluttered with scattered boxes or tools. Sometimes, it might even be necessary to add more garage space for your convenience.

Check any website like Pinterest, YouTube, or other home improvement venues. You’ll find a host of ideas to spruce up your garage in a more compact, organized manner to do away with randomly hurling boxes into whatever corner you can find.
Beneath, we can go into a few ideas for your convenience.

Suspended Shelving

One trend that seems to be getting more popular with homeowners is taking advantage of the upper space of your garage that is almost always underutilized. If your car is on the shorter side, you might even get away with placing said boxes above your vehicle – be sure to measure your car’s height beforehand, as a wasted project can be costly for something so simple to check.

Several sites will recommend anything from a sliding rail system to suspended shelving which can hang from your garage’s ceiling. This can be attractive and customized to fit any homeowner’s specific needs. The downside, many of these systems can require a little basic construction skill, so those with little technical ability might need to avoid this or call a professional to assist them.

If you’re not looking to create your own custom suspended shelving system, several sites like Costco, Home Depot, or Amazon can also offer suspended shelving as prebuilt systems to purchase and assemble out of the box.

Wall Shelving

Another option for homeowners is contemporary shelving, which can be paired with the previously mentioned suspended shelving systems. This, of course, can be made from wood to steel, to even light plastic for your storage needs. Any store can offer you prebuilt shelving, but it can be more fulfilling to construct your storage yourself – Any home improvement store can offer suggestions on how to do this.

A Neat, Cheap Trick

Another possibility, especially if you have tools or fishing rods, would be to attach pool noodles to your wall for a very ‘budget’ way to save space and organize your equipment. Simply put, use a few screws or nails in your wall, and then wrap fasteners around the pool noodles to create a long, easily-modified tool hanger that can be cut to fit your equipment. Many fishermen use this to rack their rods without stacking them in a corner.

Closing for Storage Options

These are just a few of the most obvious storage options for homeowners. Check websites like YouTube, Pinterest, or Home Depot for ideas – Or even our website at Straight Up Garage Doors for more than just storage. We speak on everything ‘garage’ from the door to cleaning, to repair. In fact, give us a call if you have issues with your door as well. We’d be glad to assist you.

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