Model 9510’s Steel Garage Door

Over the past 65 years, homeowners have always chosen Wayne Dalton garage doors for their various examples of performance, durability, and a variety of design styles, enhancing the curb appeal by adding the newest edition of colors, designs, and finishing touches for a homeowner’s defining exterior. However, Wayne Dalton’s goal of meeting the needs of their customers resulted in a recent upgrade of a new garage door design, known as the Designer Steel collection. With the Designer Steel collection, many new perks and options have been added to choose from them. These include tall selection heights, large windows, a full selection embossment design, and, more importantly, insulation that helps emphasize its quality for all homeowners alike. But, of course, we won’t certainly stop here as you’re bound to read more about this new collection of Model 9510 doors in greater detail about this innovative highlight.

Ridgefield Panel Design

Earlier this year, a new panel design was created to offer a unique pinstripe pattern. Similar to the Model 9510’s Vicksburg design, this one features a bold, recessed stamp design for homeowners who have an acquired taste for a modernized look on a classic blueprint! Known as the Ridgefield Panel, it is pinch-resistant, assisting in preventing any injuries of the finger while closing doors, as well as an exclusive counterbalance system, perfectly containing the door’s springs within a steel tube.

Paint Colors for the Model 9510

Even more timely news, Wayne Dalton also provided a variety of paint colors to choose from to enhance the charm of their steel door designs for homeowners. To appeal to said customers, a line of single directional woodgrain finishes have been released in colors ranging from Weathered Gray to a more autumnal Red Walnut. This also emphasizes the wood door style, with the trick being that the door isn’t wood at all!

Initially, Model 9510 Steel Doors were only available in four basic colors: White, Almond, Sandstone, and Brown, and soon more color options were implemented into Wayne Dalton’s color palette: Terra Bronze, Gray, Desert Tan, and Black. However, a new edition has been added, known as the Wayne Dalton TruChoice Color System. The TruChoice Color System further emphasizes Wayne Dalton’s goal of customization and personalization, opting to closely match the color of one’s choosing, with a total of 6,000 colors and counting. The possibilities are endless with the case of Model 9510’s palette, and one can never run short.

Conclusion about the Model 9510

With large windows selections that provide a one-of-a-kind look, new color finishes, and a counterbalance system to avoid mishaps, Wayne Dalton has been improving their ways of grabbing homeowners’ attention with its garage doors, as it is important for a home to stand out no matter what kind it is. By introducing these new quality features, as well as numerous amounts of hardware to pick and choose from for better customization, Wayne Dalton’s Model 9510 has become nothing more but their more recent, proudest look. If you’d like to know more, check our site for potential quotes and suggestions.

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