Making Use of Your Garage

Have you come to find that your garage stands there empty and collecting dust? Have you increasingly found yourself almost forgetting about its very existence outside of either cleaning or storing your car within it? If so, you might wish to consider that you can use the garage for far more things that you might not have considered.

An Indoor Gym

Perhaps one of the more common uses for a garage is an indoor gym, with an easy way to transport your equipment both in and out of the building through the garage door, saving you a lot of the hassle usually present when making an indoor gym. In addition, this saves you both the monthly fees of a gym membership as well as the time taken by traveling back and forth between your house and the gym.

A garage makes for a wonderful space for a gym, being both spacious and with a little work can be kitted out with both an insulated garage door and windows to ensure you are always comfortable within it. Most garages contain enough space to install a slip-resistant floor as well. In addition, your garage door can have some windows installed into it alongside some mirrors being put up on the walls, allowing for better lighting and a better atmosphere.

Additional Bedroom

Though perhaps not the most appropriate place for it in the eyes of most, a garage can make for a wonderful bedroom, however. The sheer amount of space provided by most garages is more than enough to make up for some of its other downfalls. Though it can at times be a bit of monetary investment, with good insulation as well as a bit of patience, it can be made not only accessible but also cozy, allowing for a king-sized bed to be fitted easily alongside any other storage needs.

Garage Utility Room

The garage makes for a perfect utility room. Frequently the walls between it and the rest of the house are more than plenty thick to minimize the amount of noise from the Washing Machine to echo out into the rest of the house. Additionally, the spacious nature of the garage will allow you to store all your spare towels, unopened bottles of cosmetics, and cleaning supplies.

This should let you declutter your kitchen and bathroom and give you more room to work within the rest of the house. Additionally, the garage could function as a drying room simultaneously. Overall, this is one of by far the best ways to use your space!

Storage Room

Though certainly one of the more obvious methods, it can also make for a good storage room. With plenty of room to work with, you can quite easily store all your unused belongings within it. That being said, using your space like this can often lead to needless clutter and a lack of organization. As such, you might want to consider buying some shelves and small containers to organize your things in. If you’d like some help with a new, fresh garage door as well – Contact us at Straight Up Garage Doors

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