Have you noticed that the best looking houses have modern garage doors? This style is so popular right now that homeowners are redesigning their homes to fit this modern curb appeal. A modern garage door has specific elements. Today, we will explore the modern garage door style.

Even adults drive through affluent neighborhoods and admire the curb appeal that they present. From their perfectly groomed lawns and flower beds to the little rocking chairs on the front porch, they are the picture of perfection. There are two areas of a modern contemporary home that can instantly ruin its look: the front door and the garage. When you see a modern contemporary home with its minimalistic style, it’s beautiful. But, if it has a front door that came from Lowe’s it significantly diminishes the aesthetic.  The same can be said for the garage door.

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Defining Modern Style

Modern garage doors are defined buy a very specific aesthetic. Clean lines and asymmetrical shapes come together and in a minimalistic presentation that is both visually and mentally pleasing. Materials used to make these doors include wood, aluminum, tempered glass and steel.

Modern garage doors even have a common color scheme. Warm woods, blacks, grays, and clean steel are main door colors. The window or accents are often a frosted glass. This article provides great examples of modern garage doors.  Straight Up Garage Doors offers similar doors in your local area and can have them installed as soon as possible.

This style has become associated with wealth and stature over the years. In Florida, modern style can be observed in the neighborhoods near the beach. It has only now become a statement for suburban homes. You can apply this style to your home inside and out. This article goes deeper into the elements of modern style so that you can get started today.

Tech Upgrades

In addition to style, modern garage doors have received tech upgrades. These upgrades come in form of new openers or smart openers. Just as they sound, smart garage openers are Wi-Fi enabled devices that control your garage door functions. These openers allow you to remotely open and close your garage door. Some models even send you notices when the doors open without your permission. Depending on the model that you use, a smart garage opener can even be connected to your other household Wi-Fi enabled devices. For instance, if you have a smart device that controls your lighting then you can program your lights to come on when your garage door opens.

These are simple changes that you can make to completely over-haul the curb appeal of your home. Don’t let your garage door ruin your day. We can install a smart device to your existing garage door. If you’re ready to replace your garage door, contact us today.