Getting locked out of your garage is one of the most inconvenient things for homeowners to encounter. Not only does it interfere with plans, but it can make you late. Whether it is because the electricity went out or your garage door remote has failed, there are still ways to get in and out of your garage. Learn how to get in when you are locked out of your garage.

Different Ways to Manually Open

All modern day garage doors have a safety release string on the inside and most older garage doors have an exterior handle that will trigger the manual release. The exterior release can usually be found at the bottom or on the surface of the garage door. Using it will trigger the switch and unlock the door. The release string inside the garage can be found hanging directly next to the garage motor.

Opening From The Outside

If you’re opening the garage from the outside, because you’re locked out,  make sure there is nothing blocking the garage. The release should be centered near the top of your door. It will be a small lock. This lock stores an emergency release cable, but you’ll also need the corresponding key that goes with it. When you get the release cord from that lock, there is a lock in the handle of the garage. Then unlock it by turning the handle so that it is vertical. When you do that, the garage will now be unlocked. Make sure it stays up before returning to your car to drive it inside.

Opening From The Inside

If you have to open the garage from the inside due to a power outage or broken motor, look for any locks or latches near the edges of the garage door. You will want to make sure that those are open so they don’t interfere with you opening the door. Then you should disconnect the power cord for safety precautions.

The emergency release cord should be hanging from the center track of your garage door. This connects the arm of your garage to the tracks. Pull down on the cord and this should disconnect the garage door from the trolley. This will allow you to move the garage door manually. Make sure the door stays in place once open and then you can safely exit. Once out, you will want to close it again by gently pulling the door down by hand. There is sometimes a lock bar on the exterior of the door. If so, manually slide the lock bar closed.

In Case Of Emergency

When you realize your garage door isn’t working due to a power outage, it is always good to know how to get out in case of an emergency. You can avoid having to deal with the hassle of having to manually open it by installing an automatic garage door with a backup battery feature. This way even when the power goes out, you don’t have to worry about having to manually work on your garage. With a backup battery, the garage will always be able to open and the keypad, opener, and safety sensors will still all work, as well.