Increasing Your House’s Value With A New Garage Door

When you decided that the garage door on your home required replacement, you likely had a specific reason in mind. Perhaps the door clashed with your home’s color scheme or was outdated. You may have even had plans for the garage or family stories to tell. Whatever it was, there are many reasons people look for a new garage door, especially if you’re interested in increasing the value of your home.

Installing a new garage door is the most innovative investment you could make. Studies prove that it’s the best way to ensure bragging rights with your friends, neighbors, or even strangers walking by on the street.

Adding a New Garage Door Raises Your Home’s Value

The HGTV Smart Home Blog recommends garage doors for homeowners looking to expand their living space without moving or renovating. These durable and attractive additions will increase the aesthetic appeal of your home while providing added convenience for yourself and your family. And at a decisive payment of your choosing, you can enjoy all of these benefits.

The U.S. News and World Report reported in 2014 that replacing a garage door can yield a return on investment of 83.7%. In addition, Fox News reported in 2011 that replacing the garage door is the number-one way to increase the value of a home. Still, It’s good to remember that it’s not just outside your house that counts. By making the right improvements, you can increase its value both on the inside and outside.

How Does A New Garage Door Help?

To protect the safety of your family and pets, you should have your garage door inspected by a professional. If the door was manufactured before 1993, it might no longer meet the Federal Regulation standards for garage door openers (UL 325).

Your garage is a storage space for essential items that may require security, like cars, tools, and valuables. Shouldn’t the garage door be as secure as your front door?

We’re performing inspections on garage doors in the Florida area. If your door model was manufactured before 1993, or you haven’t had it inspected recently, we may be able to help! A thorough inspection by a pro will ensure your and your family’s safety.

Energy Efficiency Bonus

When you install new garage doors, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency but also help preserve the environment. A newer garage door will help insulate your home, significantly reducing your monthly energy bills and carbon emissions. If you have an older garage door letting out too much warm air from your home, replacing it with a newer model will help keep you warmer during the winter and save energy for other uses.

Even if your existing garage door is in a functional condition, it’s still worthwhile to consider replacing it with a newer version that everyone in the family can enjoy. Of course, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of each available option before making a decision, but rest assured that many different brands of garage doors conform nicely to any personality or budget. In addition, you’ll never regret embracing modernity regarding weather resistance. We at Straight Up Garage Doors can help with all these decisions.

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