Florida is a high-risk area for damages from hurricanes, which makes learning how to hurricane proof your home all the more important.  Below are steps for homeowners to take to hurricane proof their garage door.

What is the Concern?

The garage door is usually one of the largest entrances into a home. As a result, it is usually the weakest part of the home in protection from a hurricane. If homeowners do not properly secure a garage door during a hurricane, then the winds cause enough pressure to create damage. This damage includes severe infrastructure damage. For example,  the forceful removal of your roof.

Hurricane Proof Garage Doors

Depending on where you live in Florida, you might need to install a hurricane-proof garage door.  These doors are built to withstand a category 4 storm, which is classified as having sustained winds of over 129 miles per hour.  There are two elements to hurricane-proofing a garage door.

  1. Reinforce. Hurricane-proof garage doors are reinforced with a framework that is resistant to twisting and has a track system made out of steel.
  2. Design. Hurricane proof garage doors are made with steel or fiberglass that are designed to withstand debris hitting it at 130 mph.

The cost of these doors averages around $1,500.  The positive of installing a hurricane-proof garage door is that it can help lower your homeowner’s insurance premium.

Bracing Kit

A cheaper alternative to installing a hurricane-proof garage door is by bracing the garage door using a garage door bracing kit.  A garage door brace is a metal pole that is attached to the inside of your garage door and provides additional stability which helps prevent the garage door from bending due to the wind.

Benefits of a Garage Door Bracing Kit

  • Garage door bracing kits are cheap, usually costing a few hundred dollars.
  • Can be installed and removed quickly and is not a permanent fixture.
  • Does not require a permit or a professional to install.

Disadvantages of a Garage Door Bracing Kit

  • Onus on the homeowner to install properly
  • Might not qualify you for a discount on homeowners insurance premium

In Summary

As you can see, garage doors play an important role in protecting your home from hurricanes.  Please give us a call and we will be more than happy to give you an estimate on the best course of action for you and your family.