It can be frustrating if you come home from work and find that your garage door is malfunctioning in one way or another. However, while these issues can come on suddenly, they often don’t come out of nowhere. Often before any major garage door issue, there are a few signs that it was coming. By doing a regular inspection, you can help catch any issues before they become a real problem.

However, the thing is that anyone can go into their garage right now and look at a garage door. However, if they aren’t sure what to look at and what to look for, there isn’t much of a point. By following these tips towards giving your garage door a proper visual inspection, it can help catch any garage door issues early.

Doing a Visual Inspection

The key to doing a good visual inspection is knowing what you are looking at and knowing when it doesn’t look right. When doing a visual inspection, be sure to close your garage door and check the following issues.

  • Springs – Look for areas of wear, rust, or anything that looks out of place on what should be a perfectly extended spring. Be very careful about touching it though, if a spring does break, it can cause very serious injury. In this area of a garage door, the rule should definitely be look and not touch for your own safety.
  • Cables – You should check all cables for wear and especially fraying. If you spot fraying cable, it needs to be replaced before it gets any worse.
  • Rollers – Rollers will wear down and warp over a lifetime of use, which can affect how they sit on the track. You want rollers that sit snuggly on the track and don’t bounce around or come off.
  • Pulleys – For pulleys, you want to make sure they are clean and lubricated enough to do their job. The issue with this piece of a garage door issue isn’t so much wear, but old lubricant and grime getting clogged in there.
  • Hinges – Check all hinges for loose screws and especially rust.

Have you spotted issues with any of the above on your garage door? Definitely don’t wait to address it, because the issue is only going to get worse and more expensive to fix. Contact us today to see what we can do to help.