How to Tell it’s Time to Replace Your Garage Windows?

There are several ways to tell that it’s time to replace your garage windows. Sometimes you may not even notice how your old windows are affecting your garage’s temperature negatively. It’s getting close to the end of the year – now is the perfect time to be checking in with local companies to see who can replace your windows before the cold winter hits and makes your garage unusable.

Chilly winter weather is a normal part of life for most of us that live in the United States of America. The cold weather doesn’t mean we need to be uncomfortable in our safest place… Here are a few signs that it may be time to replace those original windows.

High Energy Costs

On a hot day or a cold day, stand next to your window, is it cooler than the rest of your home – hotter? If the glass feels cold–or hot! – to the touch that’s a sign that the air your heating and cooling systems are putting out is being wasted by the time it gets in front of your windows. This is not only uncomfortable but it’s so wasteful.

Our next suggestion is to grab a candle or a bearing incense stick and hold it next to your window frames. Slowly move it around each corner of the window, if the flame flickers or the smoke moves– drafts are coming through your windows. Really bad windows will have spots that light can flash through when you do it in the dark with a flashlight. Imagine how much nicer it would be in your home if all of those holes were sealed – or gone completely.

As the temperatures change between seasons, your heating and cooling bills will as well. If your windows are 10-20 years older, likely, the heat from your garage furnace and the cooling from any air conditioning is going to waste because of them.

Keep in mind that older windows are typically single-pane and vulnerable to leaks. Newer windows are highly efficient and designed to prevent air from transferring in and out of your home.

Window Condition + Ease of Function

Yes, you read that right. It may sound a little silly to go around opening and closing every single window in your house and locking/unlocking them, but it’s important to do this step. If you can’t easily open a window and close a window… What use is it?

Why would you not want to replace a garage window if it has a decaying window frame? Wooden window frames are exposed to moisture, and as they build up that moisture they begin to rot over time. Eventure that leads to some serious decay. So if you notice your window frames are decaying it is a sign that you require an upgrade.

Leaking + Condensation on your Garage Windows

If you notice that you have some leaky windows. In some cases, your windows are leaking so bad that they are leaving a pool of water on the floor…

You may be thinking there isn’t enough water to justify the renovation or that the leaking will stop during the dry season. Well, remember that when you are thinking of replacing your windows, moisture fuels the growth of mold. Even if there is just a little bit of water, the longer you put off fixing a leaky window the bigger the problem may become.

Are you seeing fog or condensation on your windows? You should try to figure out what sort of condensation it is– as it’s not always bad. Not all condensation, depending on where it is on the window, needs to be a cause for your concern. If you see condensation between your panes of glass it’s a sign to get them replaced before they become leaky.

Soundproofing and your Garage Window

Just take a second to stand beside your window quietly and wait for a car to drive by. Did you hear it coming from down the street? Single-pane windows and some double-pane windows can transfer sounds from the street into your house. If that is a problem already, looking into windows with high energy efficiency to help absorb the sound waves will be the best solution for this problem.

Found signs your windows are going bad? – It’s time for an upgrade.

Every window, even the most energy-efficient ones need to be properly installed to provide the promised benefits, so the first step is finding the right installer to help you with your window upgrade. Poor installation is commonly the source of future problems. One small gap in sealant or a messy caulking job the whole thing turns into a problem.

We hope this helped you when thinking about what to look for when you notice your windows are going bad. We always suggest talking to a professional before you make these kinds of decisions.

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