How to Increase the Security of Your Garage Door

When it comes to home security, many homeowners overlook the garage door. The garage is a place where we store our cars, tools, accessories, and other valuables. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, it’s important to remember that garage doors are often one of the easiest ways for criminals to gain entry into your home.

Here are a few tips on how to increase the security of your garage door:

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Some older models of garage doors can be feature-lacking in terms of home security. One of the first steps for ensuring that your home is absolutely secure, is investing in a solid-panel garage door that can’t simply be kicked-in or bypassed.

Install a Security Camera

One of the simplest ways to protect your garage door is by installing a security camera. It’s likely cheaper than a new garage door installation, and comes with other great benefits.

If you have a smartphone, you can even use this as an additional method of monitoring your home while you’re away. By setting up motion sensors, you can be alerted when someone comes into your yard or approaches one of your doors or windows.

Invest In An Encrypted Remote Door Opener

The majority of garage door openers use a radio frequency to open and close your garage door. Unfortunately, this makes them an easy target for thieves who can simply buy a device that operates on the same signal and open your door.

For added security, consider upgrading to a model that uses an encrypted digital code instead of an RFID frequency. This will prevent thieves from using a device to open your garage door. It’s also worth considering buying an additional remote for your car in case you lose the original one.

Install a Thief-Proof Manual Door Puller

Another common methodology for criminals with garage break-ins is to use a specialized hook to snag, pull, and open your garage door using that recognizable little emergency opening device. You can prevent this by installing a manual door puller that requires a strong tug to open your garage door and locks automatically when closed. This is especially important if you live in an area where there are frequent break-ins.

In addition to these preventative measures, it’s also important to make sure the garage door itself is secure. Make sure that all of the screws are tightly fastened and don’t leave any tools or valuables lying around in plain sight.

Conclusion for Increasing the Security of Your Garage Door

Hopefully, these few tips will help you to make your garage door a little more secure and prevent any unwanted visitors from walking in. If you want even more tips on how to increase the security, design, and aesthetics of your home, check out our blog reservoir at Straight Up Garage Doors. We provide a host of great ideas for any homeowner to keep in mind.

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